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PHIRE: Promoting Healthy Intimate Relationship Experiences

Welcome! Today we will be discussing promoting healthy relationships. This interactive presentation provides you with the opportunity to learn skills, information, and techniques necessary for healthy relationships.

Heallthy Relationships

Fire Analogy

  • When I say the word fire what comes to mind for you, good stuff and bad stuff? There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Some examples may include: dangerous, being burnt, painful, out of control, but also, comforting, passionate, necessary, important, essential, warmth, hot, etc.
  • A lot of what was mentioned can also apply to relationships; on the one hand relationships can be comforting, warm, and passionate, and on the other hand sometimes you can feel like you are getting burnt, it can be painful, or it can feel out of control.
  • To have a successful fire going you need to set up appropriate boundaries, you need to care for it but still let it do its own thing, you try to keep the flames going, and throwing alcohol on it can get it out of control.