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Healthy Relationship Factors

Loving Someone Means…

Each person…

  • Listens to the other person and his/her ideas
  • Considers the other’s needs
  • Exchanges physical attention consistent with the relationship
  • Lets the other be first sometimes
  • Takes care of him/her self
  •  Feels comfortable
  • Wishes to be with the other person
  • Feels valued in the relationship
  • Values the differences between them
  • Ten Characteristics of a Good Relationship


  • Partners are able to confide in each other openly knowing their confidences will be respected.


  • In a healthy relationship, two people create a sense of both intimacy and autonomy. They enjoy each other’s company, but also pursue solitary interests.


  • Partners in a healthy relationship say what they feel, need, and desire in an assertive, rather than aggressive or blaming manner.


  • Couples in a committed relationship keep their bond strong through tough times by being there for each other.


  • Because a good relationship is strong enough to absorb conflict and anger, partners know they can express their feelings honestly.


  • Humor keeps things in perspective.


  • Partners in a good relationship continually offer each other encouragement, comfort, and acceptance.


  • Sexual desire may fluctuate or diminish over time, but partners in loving, long-term relationships retain some physical connections.


  • In the best relationships, partners are committed to bringing out the best in each other and have the other’s best interests at heart.


  • Caring partners are aware of each other’s boundaries, need for personal space, and vulnerabilities. They do not take each other, or the relationship, for granted.

From Our Sexuality, Crooks & Baur, 9th edition, Wadsworth, 2005, Chapter 7 “Love & the Development of Sexual Relationships” p. 168.

Remember healthy relationships allow for individuality, bring out the best in both people, and invite personal growth!