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Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is a process of adopting knowledge, skills and values that enhance health.  This involves accepting, embracing and acting in accordance with the body's limitations and potential.  Improved physical health is attained and maintained by regularly engaging in recreational and physical activities, practicing preventative health care, accessing quality health care, avoiding risk behaviors and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Below is a list of resources that may be beneficial in optimizing your physical wellness:

On-Campus Resources

Campus Recreation

Other Campus Departments

Off-Campus Resources

Online Resources

  • Examples of desk stretches provided by the Small Business Wellness Initiative
  • Healthy Living resources from the CDC regarding topics such as nutrition, physical activity, heart disease prevention, diabetes, sleep, and cancer
  • Healthy Weight information provided by the CDC including how to assess  your weight, strategies for losing weight, and tips for preventing weight gain
  • To explore the physical wellness dimension, learn ways to enhance your physical fitness and complete a self-assessment, check out the Definition of Wellness website