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Summer Services 2013

Dear Students,

With the end of the 2012-2013 academic year soon approaching, I wanted to share with you some information regarding access to Student Wellness services in the summer and student health insurance options for returning and graduating students.

Summer Wellness Services for Returning and Graduating Students:

Those students involved in University-sanctioned or sponsored summer activities (athletics, summer courses, internships, research, summer housing, etc.) will have access to services at the Wellness Units (Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Counseling Center, Disability Services and Student Health Center) over the summer. For more information about Wellness services, please visit our website at

Returning students not enrolled in university-sanctioned or sponsored activities during the summer, but who are otherwise registered to attend classes in the fall of 2013 can contact any of the Wellness Units if in need of guidance or referrals to the community.

Returning and Graduating Students Enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan:

Students who are enrolled in the 2012-2013 Aetna student health insurance plan and are covered through August 14, 2013 (7/31/13 for International Students), can seek a referral from a clinician in the Student Health Center if they are in need of access to providers in the community and want to have their deductibles waived. For summer hours of operation please visit

2013-2014 Health Insurance Coverage: We strongly encourage all students to have a good health insurance plan to complement the services provided on-campus by the Wellness Units. USD provides options for you to purchase coverage or supplement an existing plan. For information about the 2013-2014 plan, please visit the Gallagher Koster website at

To Our Graduating Students:

Congratulations! Now that you have completed your studies, have you thought much about health insurance? After graduation, you are no longer eligible to receive health and wellness services on from the Wellness Units on campus. Health care benefits for the uninsured can cause financial hardships. Protect yourself and your family with affordable short-term plans. Below are options available to graduating students who are currently covered under the University plan and those who are not.

  • All graduating students have the option of purchasing a short-term plan called GraduateCare. Coverage is offered for up to one (1) year for new graduates. Enrollees can customize their coverage by choosing from various plan options. For more information, contact Gallagher Koster at 1-877-241-4649 or visit the Gallagher Koster website at and click the GraduateCare icon at the bottom of the page.

We wish you the best as you complete this academic year and congratulations to those of you who are completing your degrees.


Moisés Barón, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Wellness

(1) There is a hard waiver process for International students and first year Law School students.  These students are required to show proof of insurance or are automatically enrolled in the university plan.