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Summer Services

Dear Students,

Summer Wellness Services for Returning and Graduating Students:

Those students involved in University-sanctioned or sponsored summer activities (athletics, summer courses, internships, research, summer housing, etc.) will have access to services at the Wellness Units (Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Counseling Center, Disability Services and Student Health Center) over the summer.

Returning students not enrolled in university-sanctioned or sponsored activities during the summer, but who are otherwise registered to attend classes in the fall of the upcoming academic year can contact any of the Wellness Units if in need of guidance or referrals to the community.

Returning Students Enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan:

Students who are currently enrolled in student health insurance plan and are covered through this academic year, can seek a referral from a clinician in the Student Health Center if they are in need of access to providers in the community and want to have their deductibles waived. For summer hours of operation please visit

Returning students who are currently enrolled in USD’s plan and are planning to renew their health insurance for the next academic year, are encouraged to actively enroll to ensure no lapse in coverage. 

To Our Graduating Students:

Congratulations as you complete your studies at USD! Have you thought much about health insurance? Given that after graduation, you are no longer eligible to receive health and wellness services from the on-campus Wellness Units, we wanted to share some important information about health insurance.

If you are currently enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan you will be covered until the policy for which you are enrolled expires.  Below are options available to graduating students who are currently covered under the University plan and those who are not.

1)    Coverage under a parent’s insurance plan: For those under age 26, you may qualify to enroll as a dependent on the health insurance held by a parent.

2)    Individual coverage through your state insurance marketplace: Coverage is available for individual enrollment through the insurance marketplace or your state exchange in the state in which you are a permanent resident. 

  • Visit and complete the questionnaire to view plans that you may qualify for. Depending on your household income, you may also qualify for a subsidy for coverage purchased through your state marketplace.
  • Please check the open enrollment deadline for your state.  However, losing insurance from another source like Student Health Insurance is considered a qualifying event and will trigger a special enrollment period in which you will be able to apply. To prove this loss of coverage with a printable PDF letter, visit, log in to your account and choose the “Verification Letter” link from the My Account screen.

3)    Individual health insurance plans available on the open market (outside of the official state marketplace)

As you consider your options, please keep in mind the following:

  • PREMIUM: While many plans offer “cheaper” premiums, look at the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance as lower premiums frequently result in higher out-of-pocket costs and limited networks.  Before making your decision, consider your entire potential out-of-pocket cost to determine the best value for your individual needs.
  • NETWORK: Does the network for the Plan extend to your region? Are the doctors you already see considered in-network? 
  • DEDUCTIBLE (the amount you must pay before insurance coverage begins): Is this an amount you are prepared to pay before coverage can be accessed?
  • COINSURANCE (the amount insurance pays after the deductible is met):  Be aware of this coverage, as you are responsible for the amount after coinsurance is applied. So if your plan has 70% coinsurance, you would be responsible for the remaining 30%.
  • COPAYS: What is your copay for a doctor’s office visit? Specialist visits? ER Visit? Prescription Drugs?

If you have any other benefit questions regarding the USD student health insurance plan, please contact the Customer Service Department at Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk toll-free at 877-241-6082 or by e-mail at

Thank you and again congratulations on completing your degree.