Drop Shadow

Capturing lectures

Several of USD’s classrooms have streaming microphones. These microphones can be used to capture a lecture for use as a podcast. For Mac OS X, we have developed Castaway to make it easy to capture your lecture.

  1. Start the Castaway software.
  2. Choose your classroom.
  3. Press Record.
  4. Give your lecture as normal, using the microphone.
  5. Press Stop.
  6. Drag the file icon to your flash drive, or use File:Save As… to save the podcast to your flash drive (or other external drive).

You will need to be in the classroom where you’re giving the lecture to record the lecture, but any computer in that classroom should work.

The files are saved directly to the desktop; you can look for them on the desktop, or use the drag file icon, or look for it in the “open recent” menu. The file will be named after the classroom and after the date and time the lecture began.