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System Documentation

These pages will contain information targeted at system administrators and programmers who may be called on to administer systems they’re not familiar with. If there’s a section you think needs to be added, let the webmaster or the appropriate system administer know.

When you make a change to a system you don’t normally manage, please document all of your changes.

Programming style guideThis guide will help to ensure that your code is readable by other programmers and web developers at USD. The styles here apply to all programming languages used on the and for the web site, as well as non-programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and XML.
Quick & Dirty TutorialsWhen something is going wrong and you don’t know what it is, follow standard Unix trouble-shooting techniques to determine precisely where the problem is.
Data ImportsVarious on-line services are populated by file transfer from department to linwin and other servers on campus.
Emergency ProceduresWe have several means on the web of getting critical information out to users.
Mac OS X Server BasicsA few simple things you’ll need to know about the Mac OS X servers in our server rooms, if you need to reboot them or access them directly.
Mass mail systemThe mass mail system integrates with our list of all USD community members and the area in which they work, with a voluntary opt-out database for commercial messages.
Single Sign-On CodeProgramming for the USD password mediation system.
Site AccountsWeb site account information
System DocumentsCustom server documentation and other documents for the various web systems.
System NotesDescriptions of how each of the servers works, and special notes about reboots or setups.
Web Development CMSThe web development web pages provide a testbed for testing ideas about content management systems, and also provide for group-based access to editing those pages.
Web management pagesThere are various pages that allow privileged users to manage data on-line. This page should consolidate them.
Wildcard Secure KeyThe wildcard certificate can be used on any system that does not allow shell or file transfer access to the community.