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Display Categories

Display categories control where system notices appear on the web site. Webmasters can choose to display any category or categories on their web pages, so that, for example, web coding notices appear on the web coding web development pages.

The following categories currently exist:

admissions, business, cas, coding, critical, facultylog, forums, home, labs, law, mail, mailman, massmail, mysql, network, peacestudies, schedules, searches, social-networking, soles, sqlite, usd-sites, virus, web, websupport


Changes to the School of Law web site's central files or back-end programming.

If you need a new display category added to the system, contact the webmaster of the site which will be displaying this category and ask them to add that display category to their site.

Display categories should never be added during an emergency situation, because the notices placed under that category will be basically invisible until the category is added to a web page somewhere on the system.