Drop Shadow

Using the IP Database

The IP database web page consists of three parts: the search area, the add area, and the view area.


In the first three fields of an IP address, or the first four fields of a MAC address, typing a period or a colon will move to the next field. This only works if you have Javascript turned on in your browser.

The View Area

The IP database contains an IP address, a MAC address, a device, a location, and a type. “Device” is a description of what the device is used for. “Location” is the room and room number of the device. “Type” is the model or kind of device that it is.

The hostname is listed in parentheses. It is not stored in the database, but was retrieved from a DNS lookup on the IP address.

Editing fields

If you want to edit entries, you will need to choose “Yes” for “Enable Editing” in the search portion of the form. This will turn the “view” area into a form.

Each line in the view area is separate. You can modify or delete only one line at a time.

When you delete a record, that record’s information will display in the first “add record” line.

Adding records

Normally, you’ll add records by adding the appropriate information into one of the two “add” lines. Every record must have an IP address with at least one of the description parts: a device, a location, and/or a type.

Adding multiple records

If the fourth IP number is an asterisk, then the page will create all 256 entries in that range.

If the fourth IP number is a range of the form “###-###”, then the page will create all IP addresses in that range. For example, if you type “” (placing each IP portion in its appropriate field), this will create,, etc., on up to and including The text in the other fields will be duplicated for each entry.

Deleting records

You can delete records one at a time if you have checked “Enable Editing” . Each item will have a delete button next to the modify button.

If you need to delete more than one record at a time, switch “Enable Editing” to “No”. This will turn off individual editing of entries, but (if you have editing privileges) a checkbox will appear next to each record. Mark the checkboxes for the records you wish to delete and use the “Delete checked records” at the bottom of the page to delete multiple records. You can also use the “toggle boxes” header to toggle the state of each box from on to off or off to on.

If you have Javascript turned on, you will be given the option to cancel the deletion when you hit the button. Otherwise, or if you say yes to the warning, all checked items will be irrevocably deleted. Unlike individual deletions, mass deletion will not give you the option to add the item back if you accidentally deleted it.

Exporting records

Every search has a link at the bottom called “export this search”. Choose this link to download a tab-separated file for importing into a spreadsheet or database.