Drop Shadow

Title Images

The index.php and subsite_index.php templates include a default title image that says “Training”. You will want to create your own and replace this one with your title image.

The title image should be 465 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. It consists of two parts: an image on the left that is 105 pixels wide, and an image on the right with text superimposed on it, that is 359 pixels wide. There is a one pixel vertical white line between the two sides.

The superimposed text should be Myriad Roman at 35 pixels. It should have a baseline of 50 pixels. You will want to use shadows or other effects on the text to differentiate it from the back image.

The bottom right and left of the title image is rounded. That rounding is a partial circle using a radius of 5 pixels.

If you require assistance creating the appropriate title image for your department’s main page, contact the ITS Help Desk (x7900 or help@sandiego.edu).

For subpages, you should use text as the page title (rather than an image that looks like text) for maximum availability and search engine optimization.