Drop Shadow

Template Downloads

If you are using Dreamweaver or Contribute, and your site is on the main webserver, you will already have these templates. You don’t need to follow these steps.

You will only need to download the templates if you are using other software to edit your departmental site, or if you are hand-coding your web pages.

The available templates

If you are using Dreamweaver or Contribute, you should get these templates automatically. If not, you can get the templates as a zip file. Please note that these files are linked so as to show you what they will look like. Only get them by way of the zip file or within Dreamweaver/Contribute. Otherwise, you will lose all of the dynamic server-side code in these pages, as the server strips it out when it displays the files for you.

a template for the main page of your site
a template for your subpages--all page except your main page
two full_content templates
for pages that need a wider content area and do not need left navigation link
generally used for any top-level site that does not need any breadcrumb trail
a much simpler template that includes very little PHP code and only the top menu bar, suitable for deep pages which have been converted from other formats, such as word processing documents.

Decompress the zip file

The web templates are on-line in a zipped format to make them easier to download. You will need to decompress them if your web browser does not decompress them automatically. (Most web browsers will decompress zip files automatically.) Usually, you can simply double-click the templates.zip file to decompress them.

After you decompress the templates.zip file, you should have a folder called “templates” that contains the .dwt.php files.

Put the templates into your site

If you are using Dreamweaver, drag the “templates” folder into your site folder. If you are using some other software, rename the files to .php instead of .dwt.php!

Make sure that your software supports editing PHP files. Netscape Composer currently does not support editing PHP files, for example.