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Large Document Template

You can use the “global.php” file as a template for converting larger documents that do not need to follow the USD web design. The “global.php” template is designed mostly for converting large documents from other sources, such as word processing files or spreadsheet files. If you want those files to allow our visitors to “get back” to the USD web pages, but you do not want to use the subpage template, you can use the global.php file.

All you should need to do is open the global template and paste the content into the template.

You can also use this to add the global navigation bar across the top of existing designs, although we recommend that existing designs be converted to the new design as soon as you can.

The global.php file should not be used for departmental main pages.

Converting without global.php

If you have a web page already that you want to convert to make partial use of the new templates, you can do so in four steps, if the file is on the same server as www.sandiego.edu:

  1. Rename the file so that it ends in “.php” instead of “.html”. (If this is not an index.html file, you will need to also change your links to the file to reflect the new name.)
  2. The very first line in the file must be “<?php require_once("/web/pinclude/config/env.php");?>”.
  3. Somewhere in between <head> and </head> you must put the line “<?php displayStylesJavascript();?>”.
  4. The very first line in the <body> of the page must be the line “<?php displayGlobalNavigation();?>”.

That’s it! Your page will now display with a simple navigation bar at the top.