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Connection Problems

If you are having trouble connecting to your departmental or organizational web account on files.sandiego.edu (the main web server), try these steps to resolve it.

If you can have this information ready when you contact us (you can usually copy and paste it into an e-mail message) that will allow us to respond to you more quickly and more accurately.

  1. Go to the File Manager and log in using your site account’s username and password. If you can log in there, you have the correct username and password for your site account, and there’s no need to have it reset. (Make sure that you can see the correct files.) If you can’t log in there, most likely you are using the wrong username or the wrong password. Contact the web master if you need your account password reset. Let them know the account name or (if you don’t know that) the web site’s URL.
  2. Go to File Transfers and copy the paragraph under “Editing From Off-Campus” that begins “The computer that you are reading this from is currently using IP address…”. If the paragraph says that this is not a USD address, copy the entire paragraph and send it to the web master. (If you are off-campus, read the section above that paragraph that talks about setting up a VPN account.)
  3. In Dreamweaver or your file upload software, double-check that your settings are correct. Check your username and password (which you’ve verified in step 1) and also ensure that you are using secure FTP. Insecure FTP access to files.sandiego.edu is not allowed.
  4. For further assistance or questions, contact the ITS Help Desk (x7900 or help@sandiego.edu) for Dreamweaver assistance or the webmaster to reset your password or for other questions about your account.

For more information about authorized contacts, see web site authorized contacts. For more information about changing passwords, see site account passwords.