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PHP 5.0 Upgrade

As part of the move to the new server we upgraded PHP from 4.3.11 to 5.2.4 on December 3, 2007. Most things should continue to work as before, but there are a few changes in PHP 5 that might cause problems if you have custom PHP programming on your web pages.

array_merge changeThe function array_merge will no longer merge non-arrays into arrays.
HTTP_*_VARS gone$HTTP_POST_VARS and $HTTP_GET_VARS have long been deprecated; in PHP 5 they are gone. You will need to use $_POST and $_GET instead.
include and URLsPHP 4 allowed you to “include” URLs. This was very dangerous: if that URL were compromised, it could send you PHP code. PHP 5 by default does not allow you to include URLs, and we have not enabled it. Use “readfile” to include external text on your web page.
Migrating to PHP 5The official PHP web site has a rundown on all of the changes between PHP 4 and PHP 5, including new functions and incompatible changes.
Redeclare functionIn PHP 5, you cannot have the same function name twice. If you are including the same file twice, you may run into this.
SQLite changesUnder PHP 5, SQLite support is built-in, however, the built-in functions have different names than the old dynamic library did.
strtotime changedThe strtotime function no longer assumes defaults for missing days in PHP 5 as it did in PHP 4.