Drop Shadow

Detail pages without tables and field names

Sometimes, tables are not the best way to display a database detail page. If you don’t want field names, you just want field values, use:


The first field in the row will be displayed as a level 2 headline (h2). Any TEXT fields will be displayed within a <div>. The rest of the fields will be displayed as paragraphs.

Each field’s tag, whether headline, div, or paragraph, will have the field’s name as its class.

If a field has no value, or is the empty string, it will not be displayed. If the first field has no value or is empty, there will be no headline.

Grouping fields into a list

Sometimes, you’ll want some fields to be grouped together as a list. You can use the fieldListGroup method to do this; it requires naming the group and providing a list of the fields in the group. For example:

$view->fieldListGroup('addresses', array('sender', 'recipients'));

This group will be named “addresses” and will contain the fields “sender” and “recipients” as list items. The unordered list will have a class of the group name; each list item will have its field name as a class.

<ul class="addresses"> <li class="sender">johnj@example.com</li> <li class="recipients">mmen@example.com, george@example.com</li> </ul>

The fields must be given to fieldListGroup in the same order that you select them. Otherwise, they probably won’t be displayed, and future behavior is unpredictable.

Fields with no value or with the empty string as a value will be excluded from the list.