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Direct Access

If you want to handle the display yourself, but still use the Easy SQL plug-in, you can use the “rows” or “row” methods to get a specific row or a list of rows.

Most recent values

You can get the most recent value for a column using “$db->latest('column')”. For example:

<? echo $db->latest('firstname'); ?>

Dealing with your rows

You can get the rows as a PHP list using rows():

<? $rows = $db->rows(); ?>

Once you have the PHP list, you can treat it as you would any other PHP list. The items in the list are available via the field name.

Getting a single entry

You can get a single entry using $db->row();. It works just like “rows()” except that it returns the first item in the list.

If you want a specific entry based on a unique column (such as your ID column or another unique column), you can specify that. For example, to get the row for entry ID 55, use:

<? $db->row(55); ?>

Or, to get the row for the entry having MySanDiego username ‘jerry’, use:

<? $unetSearch = array('unet'=>'jerry'); $db->row($unetSearch); ?>

Getting the current ID

The current ID or list of IDs from a form submission is available as:


Pass “true” if you want it to get the focus ID back if they’re focussed on a specific record.