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Beta Web Features

ITS is currently working on adding new features which you can use in your web pages. These features, and how they are used, are subject to change with very little notice.

If you choose to test some of them out, please let Jerry Stratton know if you have any comments.

Automatic Calendar
Generate a calendar automatically from your database of events or other date-related items. You can generate HTML calendars, RSS calendars, and more.
Embedded Comments
Embed a comments forum into any php web page at USD.
Form Verification
If you need to verify that your forms contain appropriate data when submitted, you can use this PHP plug-in to handle both JavaScript and server-side verification.
RSS and iCal Feeds
This plug-in makes it easy for you to create an RSS or iCalendar feed of your data, as long as you can provide a title, description, and date for each entry.