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Web Coding Tips

The USD web server uses PHP 5.3.3 for dynamic content and Apache/2.2.15 as the web server software.

Apache ManualOur web server software is Apache. Your site has access to some .htaccess directives and to server-side includes.
CMS/BlogsThere are many CMS and blogging systems available that work with USD’s web server.
DatabasesWe have two SQL options available to you: SQLite and MySQL.
Easy SQL in PHPThis PHP plug-in makes it a lot easier to work with SQL databases on your PHP pages.
Email FormHave your form data sent automatically to your e-mail address from any form on a PHP web page.
File DownloadsYou can provide an interface to downloading files that requires users to go through the interface.
Go MenuA “Go” menu can provide a quick means of providing access to a large number of links under a single menu.
Mail QueueQueue mail from your PHP scripts to be sent through normal e-mail.
Optimize PDF FilesOptimize your PDF files for faster viewing and smaller file size.
Payments & OrdersPayments and orders from your USD web page.
PHPUSD’s web server uses PHP as its main scripting language. Most of the dynamic pages on our web site use PHP.
Rich Content EditorThis javascript allows web forms to include rich content, such as links, bold, and lists.
Single Sign-onProvides a single sign-on system for password protecting individual web pages.
Unix PermissionsYour web files have ‘permissions’ that control whether or not the web server or other users on the computer can read those files.
Beta Web FeaturesBeta web features. These features are very likely to change with little warning.


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