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Changing Site Passwords

If you know the current password for your web site account, the easiest way to change it is at Account Information. Click on “Password Information” and follow the instructions. Your password will change immediately.

If you do not know the current password for your web site account, you should first contact your other administrative contact(s) for the site in question. They may know the password, and you can get it directly from them.

If none of your site’s contacts know the password, one of the authorized contacts must contact the webmaster by e-mail from their MySanDiego account, requesting a password change. (The webmaster does not know the current password, nor can they determine what it is.) When the webmaster receives the request, they will send a request for confirmation to the MySanDiego address of each of the site’s contacts. If a contact replies affirmatively, the password will be changed approximately one business day later. The new password will be sent to, and only to, the authorized contacts on file.

If the authorized contacts on file are incorrect, the department must first change the authorized contacts for the site.

The new password will be a random password, difficult to guess and difficult to remember. For those reasons, and also because it will be sent out via insecure e-mail, you should change the password immediately upon receiving it.

Passwords will only be sent to USD e-mail addresses, and only to those belonging to employees of the University of San Diego.