USD Way Champions

Do you embody our USD core values and mission in your day to day work? Are you seen as a role model and someone who assists your colleagues and students in positive and supportive ways? Are you interested in becoming a USD Way Champion?  In order for the USD Way to be fully integrated into the USD community we need you!

The purpose of the USD Way Champions program is to engage exemplary employees from various areas on campus to assist in supporting the USD Way implementation within our USD campus community.  The USD Way Champions program is designed to support our USD campus community by fully integrating our culture of care into our day to day interactions.

We will be recruiting exceptional employees from all divisions and departments on campus to participate in the implementation of The USD Way through our USD Way Champions program! As a champion, you will help ensure employees understand the USD Way and what it “looks like” in your area.  You will also have the opportunity to help identify ways to recognize employees who are living examples of the USD Way in your areas and collaborate with your colleagues across campus to share best practices, success stories and address challenges in a supportive environment with support from your peers. 

We will be requesting nominations from leaders from each division on campus, but we also recognize you might have an interest in nominating yourself to participate in the USD Way Champions program.  If you are interested in being a part of our USD Way Champions program we would love to hear from you!  Please submit your request to self-nominate via email to

Additional information about USD Way Champions Program and Orientation coming soon!

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