Moving at Warp Speed

Through a series of fortuitous circumstances, Sarah Moga '04 wound up in New York with the job of her dreams. As producer for The Early Show, she starts her day well before the crack of dawn and moves at a breakneck pace until dusk. Whether in story meetings, control rooms or locations all over the world, she's in her element, multi-tasking with the ease and grace of someone who's happiest when in motion.

Good Work, Rigorous Days
Six of USD's best and brightest know all about reveling in the joy of firing on all cylinders. Each of these alumni credits his or her post-academic successes to high expectations and an inability to let “good enough” be an acceptable option. Without exception, their journeys were kick-started by academic rigor. The certainty that being pushed to the limit made them better-equipped to excel in their chosen careers is rock-solid, and their journeys have been nothing less than inspiring



When Nothing is Easy When Nothing is Easy

Sometimes doing things the hard way is the answer.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Fall 2009

Nice feedback from Mr. Parsons; rock ’n’ roll will never die; more.

Around the Park

Just Like Paradise Just Like Paradise

Marine science program in Mexico brings teens face-to-face with whale sharks, sea turtles and a newfound love for the process of discovery.

Meet the Beetles Meet the Beetles

When it comes to all things Coleoptera, assistant biology professor Geoff Morse is excited, enthusiastic and eager to share his love of research.

A Noisy Sort of Symphony A Noisy Sort of Symphony

Construction of USD’s new Student Life Pavilion requires a well-organized conductor. Project manager Andy Rogers ’02 is just the man for the job.

Syllabus Syllabus

An exploration of existential issues regarding God, truth and the existence of evil.

Answered Prayers Answered Prayers

Partial scholarships are the answer for many students who need to fill the gap between their resources and the cost of attending the program of their choice.

These Are The Days These Are The Days

National Alumni Board president Josephine Bennett ’81 aims to bridge past and present.

Gifts at Work Gifts at Work

SOLES, Center for Intellectual Property Law and Markets, Educational Leadership Development Academy.

[etc.] [etc.]

National Science Foundation grant; Social Issues Conference; new National Alumni Board members, more.

Torero Athletics

Ready to Play Ready to Play

The key to women’s volleyball coach Jennifer Petrie’s success lies not just on the court, but in her reliance on discipline and setting high goals.

A Sense of Stability A Sense of Stability

Brett Masi, men’s tennis coach, builds on success.

Point of View

That Eureka Moment That Eureka Moment

The first step toward becoming professor Mitch Malachowski was deciding what he truly cared about. Once he figured that out, the path before him was clear.

Class Notes Articles

Getting Back to Basics Getting Back to Basics

Nurse practitioner Elizabeth Olinger ’89 (MSN ’93) brings the first breeding pair of Eyjahunda sheepdogs into New Zealand.

Boy Plus Dog Equals Love Boy Plus Dog Equals Love

Children’s book celebrates kindness; author Meggan Hill ’94 is the author of the charming Nico and Lola.

Cover Photo by Tim Mantoani


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