LISA COMER (B.A.) is a student teacher in K-12 Spanish and English as a Second Language. She graduated in May from the University of Kansas with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. She also earned a provisional license to teach K-12 Spanish and an add-on endorsement in English as a Second Language. In the fall, Lisa plans to begin teaching English as a Second Language at William Allen White Elementary School in Emporia, Kan. “I do miss San Diego,” she writes. “God bless.”

ALLISON GODDARD (J.D.) and her husband, Patrick, proudly welcomed another son, Lincoln, on Aug. 8, 2006. Older brother Murray was born on Oct. 8, 2003. Allison is a partner at Jaczko Goddard in San Diego.

ASHLEY VODRA PATRICIO (B.A.) and her husband, Stephen ’00, welcomed their first baby, Taylor Lynne, on May 4, 2007. She weighed 7 lbs., 11 oz., and was 22 inches at birth.

DARCY (BELFIGLIO) RAMEKER (B.B.A., M.A. ’04) and her husband, Mark, were married at Founders Chapel on Oct. 16, 2004. She works in the Center for Student Activities and Programming at Penn State University.

MELISSA (MERIWETHER) SIPOWICZ (B.A.) earned a master’s degree in educational technology from Pepperdine University in July 2004. She and her husband, Tim, were married on Aug. 12, 2006, and they honeymooned in Bora Bora. They live in Long Beach, where Melissa has her dream job teaching kindergarten and Tim is a portfolio manager for an investment banking company.

PETER STRICKLER (B.B.A.) married Allison Buck in May 2006. They live in Dallas, where Peter has owned and operated an international software company for three years. They are looking forward to initiating another small business together.

LISA JI-HAE YANG (J.D.) married David Lee in Los Angeles on Sept. 23, 2006. They live in the Hollywood area.

[2001]ERIN (FLEMING) BLOCK (B.B.A.) and her husband, Steven, have been married for five years. Erin is a research analyst for NAMM, an international music products association.

TIMOTHY CLARK (B.A.) married wife Nicole on June 9, 2001. Their daughter, Hannah, was born on Aug. 4, 2005. Timothy completed his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2006, and the family lives in Madison, Wis., where he is working on a postdoctoral fellowship.

EMMANUEL DULAY (B.S./B.A.) is a captain in the U.S. Air Force. He is a flight test engineer for the 59th Test and Evaluation Squadron. Emmanuel supports the pilots by implementing modifications to the F-15C aircraft. “My job is to make sure the F-15 is around for 20 more years,” he says. “In return, the pilots let me ride backseat with them, sometimes to support a mission, and sometimes it’s the pilot’s way of saying ‘thank you.’” He is stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and he says the fighters are flying all day. “Best job ever!”

MARK HEFFERNAN (B.A.) has been at Northrop Grumman on the Global Hawk program for nearly five years. Heff Productions had a record year in 2006 and has grown to six staff members, with a goal of 10 employees by the end of 2007.

KATHRYN (MUELLER) KOLONIC (B.A.) finished a master’s degree in public health at Portland State University in 2005, and began working on a degree in osteopathic medicine, which she expects to complete in 2009. Kathryn and her husband, Andrijano, were married on Oct. 6, 2006, in Portland, Ore. Both attend Touro University in Nevada.

JAVIER MARIN (B.A.) earned a social studies teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento. From 2001 to 2006, he taught at Yolo County Juvenile Hall. Javier is now a teacher and football coach at Woodland Senior High School. He married his college sweetheart, Celena Rodriguez, and they have two children: Lourdes, 7, and Javier, 2.

COLLEEN (MARTIN) McGUIN-NESS (B.B.A.)and her husband, Liam, welcomed a baby girl, Katherine Emma, on Feb. 13, 2007. They are enjoying being new parents. The family lives in Pasadena, Calif.

SUZIN (KESLING) MEYERS (B.A.) has two beautiful sons, ages 3 years and 9 months. She is a literacy teacher for the Cajon Valley Union School District.

MEREDITH (ELWELL) MILLER (B.A.) and her husband, Michael ’00, were married on Aug. 5, 2005. Michael and Noah Garner, also an alumnus, are business partners and owners of a software development company. Michael and Meredith live in Redondo Beach, Calif.

KORIE (NORRIS) NORTON (B.A.) and her husband, Leo, moved into their first home in Carlsbad in 2005 and have two dogs, Toby and Troy.

DORON OHEL (J.D.) is in his third year of private practice in Cupertino, Calif., focusing on estate planning and business litigation.

BRANDON RIGGS (B.B.A.) and his wife, Kiley ’01, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Madilyn, on Dec. 21, 2006.

MONTSERRAT ROMERO (B.B.A.) and Fernando Carrillo welcomed a baby girl, Montserrat Carrillo Romero, on April 1, 2007. “Everyone is fine and adjusting to the new life,” Montserrat says.

JENNIFER (SOARES) SKEEN (B.A.)and her husband, Tim, welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Oct. 22, 2006. “Erin Margaret Skeen weighed 5 lbs., 14 oz., and is a wonderful baby!” Jennifer says.

MICHELLE (RICHMAN) SU (B.A.) married her husband, Kevin, on July 8, 2006. Michelle completed a master’s degree in international relations at the University of California, San Diego, in 2006. She works for the U.S. Government Accountability Office in Washington, D.C.

SANDRA (HARRISON) TORRE (B.A., M.Ed. ’03) and her husband, Jon, were married recently, and they bought a home in San Diego.

[2002]KEITH BRUNO (J.D.) joined the office of the Orange County Public Defender in June 2005. He received the Don Simms Attorney of the Year Award for 2006.

PENELOPE USALLA GREGORIUS (B.A.) is a child protective services worker/child abuse investigator with the County of San Diego. She is working toward a master’s degree in educational counseling.

KATHLEEN (MORRISON) LOPEZ (B.B.A.) and her husband, Herman, were married on May 6, 2006. They live in Tustin, Calif.

MARY McDONALD (B.A., B.B.A.) and Nicholas Kindelt were married on March 10, 2007, at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, Calif. USD alumni guests included Jeremy Carrine, Amy McGee, Kristin Hlubik and Bethany Fischer. Mary planned to complete her law degree at the University of California, Hastings, before the summer of 2007, and she and Nick planned to move to Tulsa, Okla., in August, where Mary has a position as associate attorney with Eldridge, Cooper, Steichen and Leach.

ANGELA MITCHELL (B.A.) has been living in New Orleans since right before Hurricane Katrina hit. “It’s been a challenge, but fun,” she says. She completed her master’s degree in tropical medicine and parasitology from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. In April, she began observing and working with the research team developing the malaria p. vivax vaccine at the Malaria Vaccine and Drug Development Center in Cali, Colombia.

BRENDAN MULVANEY (M.S.G.L.) completed his Ph.D. in international relations in October 2006 from Fudan University in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

ERIK NAGEL (B.A.) is a surgery resident in the Navy, stationed at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, Va. He will be doing a tour of duty with the Marines out of Twentynine Palms, Calif., for the next two years.

KHRISTI POIDMORE (B.A.) is a resident specializing in periodontics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

ANNE SKIDMORE (B.A.) is enjoying life in San Diego’s North County. She is ministering to college students with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. “I’m giving them a part of what made USD an amazing and life-changing experience for me: a real relationship with Jesus and a solid community,” Anne says.

[2003]DONNA ALPNER (M.A.) worked for three years at Mental Health Systems in Oceanside and left in June 2006 to open a private practice. She works with Marines returning from Iraq and also with children and adolescents, among other clients.

JESSICA BECK (B.A.) is in the Ph.D. program in performance practice at the University of Exeter in England. During the past two years, she has directed four plays at the Edinburgh Festival. She is education director at Theatre503, a London theater that presents new works by contemporary playwrights.

JASON BLAIR (B.B.A.) is playing pro basketball in Spain.

BONNIE DOWD (Ed.D.) was a professor of business for 15 years at Palomar College and in January 2006 was promoted to Palomar College District’s assistant superintendent and vice president of finance and administrative services. In October 2006, she was appointed to represent San Diego County community colleges on a board for a statewide association of chief business officers.

DERRICK EELLS (B.A.) returned to Nebraska and founded an incentive company focusing on travel and meeting planning for large companies and nonprofit organizations. TenDot Corporate Travel has seen a minimum of 300 percent growth each year. “All Toreros are invited to Lincoln for a private tour,” Derrick says.

JESSE FARRIS (B.B.A.) graduated from California Western School of Law, took the California Bar exam and is awaiting results. In the meantime, she planned to work as a camp counselor/lifeguard/surf instructor with high school kids in Costa Rica over the summer through Rustic Pathways.

JENNY FERRONE (Ed.D.) is an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College in Chula Vista.

ANDREW FLETCHER (M.A.) is a school counselor at Balboa City School in San Diego.

BROOKE (OAR) GERGURICH (M.Ed.) and her husband, John, were married on June 24, 2006, at The Immaculata. “It was a big, beautiful Catholic Mass attended by many former USD students,” says Brooke. They honeymooned in Europe and made their home in San Diego.

COURTNEY HOFFMANN (B.A., M.A. ’06) married James Tracy ’04 in May 2006. Courtney finished her master’s degree in international relations and is working at USD. James is a software engineer at Kyocera Wireless and plans to start working on his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego, in the fall. Courtney and James live in La Jolla with their two dogs, Roxie and Penny.

WILLIAM KALENIUS (B.A.) is in his fifth year as a crew rowing coach at Vancouver Lake. He is also a paramedic and volunteer firefighter with the Vancouver Fire Department in Washington state.

ERIN FOLEY KOZAK (J.D.) and her husband, Thomas ’86, welcomed their first child, Joshua Thomas, on Oct. 6, 2006.

SAMUEL LEMON (B.Acc.) is a certified public accountant in San Diego, and he plans to attend law school in the fall.

ANTONIO LOPEZ (B.A.) has lived in Manhattan and Santa Fe, N.M. He is now in Albuquerque, where he is a financial adviser for Morgan Stanley. In 2004-05, he studied playwriting and acting at the Actors Studio Drama School under Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Ellen Burstyn. In 2006, he managed the largest running specialty store in the country and was also a mortgage broker on Wall Street. He ran 2:36 in the 2005 Philadelphia marathon and planned to beat that time in the 2007 San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

NATALIA LUGLIANI (B.B.A.) completed a master’s degree in Italian from Middlebury College while living abroad in Italy for two and a half years. She plans to teach Italian at the university level.

SHELLEY LYFORD (M.A.) was program director at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice from May 2003 to July 2006. She moved to The San Diego Foundation as manager of research and development and is now acting director for a private family foundation in Carlsbad.

SUSANA MARTIN DEL CAMPO (B.A.) and her husband, Patrick Yrigoyen ’01, recently moved back to San Diego after living in Lima, Peru, for four years. They have two sons, Lucas, 2, and Sebastian, born in January 2007.

VICTOR RAMOS (B.B.A.) left the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago as mentoring program coordinator to join Kellogg Brown & Root as a field buyer in the Middle East. He’ll be working in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Republic of Georgia.

BRENDA SANTELLANES (B.B.A.) is working toward an M.B.A. at Azusa Pacific University.

NICOLE SCHWARZ (B.A., J.D. ’06) is an associate attorney with Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos in San Diego, and is a member of the California State Bar and the San Diego County Bar Association. Nicole celebrated completing the bar exam with a trip to Costa Rica.

ANTHONY SOLINA (M.Ed.) and his wife, DeAnna, bought a home in Stockton, Calif. Anthony is a math teacher at Langston Hughes Middle School.

SAMUEL STEWART (B.S./B.A.) and his wife, Mary (Zangari) ’03, welcomed their first child, Gabriel Joseph, on Jan. 26, 2007. “He was born healthy and happy at 6 lbs., 10 oz., and surprised Mary and me by coming three weeks early (and two days before Mary’s baby shower)!” says Samuel.

MICHELLE (GARDNER) TOMALONIS (B.S.) is a case investigator for Lerach Coughlin. She and her husband, Brian, were married on Aug. 27, 2006. Many USD alumni attended, and Kimberly Welters and Ashley Guggia were in the wedding party.

AARON TUBBS (B.B.A.) recently returned from traveling in Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, and is now on a job hunt.

GREGORY URUBURU (B.A.) worked for a few years as an emergency medical technician in pursuit of a career as a firefighter and paramedic, but ultimately decided it was not the right career for him. “I am now lifeguard sergeant for the city of Solana Beach, working as a full-time lifeguard,” he says. “I live in Encinitas and spend my free time surfing, going on surf trips and enjoying this great area known as San Diego.”

SEAN VALENTINE (M.A.) completed his active duty service in the Navy in 2003 and began working as a developer for Pulte Homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is now the development manager at Atherton-Newport Real Estate Investments in Irvine, Calif.


AMANDA BAIADA (B.B.A.) worked since graduation at a book distributing company that supplied wholesale warehouse clubs. She was recently accepted into the 2009 class of M.B.A. students at Boston College and planned to relocate to Boston in July 2007.

RODRIC BROGAN (M.F.A.) was on the national tour with Cherry Jones in the Pulitzer- and Tony-winning play, “Doubt,” by John Patrick Shanley.

CHARLENE CHIU (J.D.) earned an M.B.A. in 2006 and has traveled internationally to European and Asian destinations.

GAIRD HELDT (B.A.) graduated from the University of New Haven with a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology, concentrating in consultation and organizational development.

BENNETT MacINTYRE (M.A.) was named head golf coach for the men’s and women’s teams at Carroll College in Montana. He is also the director of community living at the college.

CHRISTIAN MALCOLM (B.B.A.) writes, “Let it be known that I found my wife, Heather Johnson ’04, through Outdoor Adventures! We were married on Nov. 4, 2006, at Founders Chapel.” Christian is a paramedic, and Heather is a nurse.

SEAN McCLINTON (B.B.A.) married Yuri Misawa on March 3, 2007, which is Japan’s Girls’ Day. Yuri has a master’s degree in educational communication and technology from New York University. Sean recently went on a tour to Hong Kong with USD students, led by Alan Gin.

SARAH MOGA (B.A.) is a writer for Fox News in Chicago. “I love it!” she says.

THAO NGUYEN (B.B.A.) married Jeff Hughes, her high school sweetheart of 10 years, on May 13, 2006, in a garden wedding at the Handlery Hotel and Resort in San Diego. The wedding party included older sister and maid of honor Tiffany Nguyen and best friend Jenny Hendrickson, both USD alumnae, and younger sister Tien Nguyen. The wedding was coordinated by alumna Georgina Miranda. Cousin and alumna Annie Tran played piano at the ceremony. Alumni guests included Jennifer Glaser, Lisa Meyer, Judy Perry, Aya Ibarra, Tim Kosen, Suzanne Merlo, Jessica Grudovich, Vinnie de Nino and Helenna Lopez. Thao and Jeff honeymooned in Mexico, and they live in San Diego. Thao is a buyer for Goodrich Aerostructures in Chula Vista, and Jeff is an accountant at Lavine, Lofgren, Morris and Engelberg in La Jolla.

OLIVIA OUTHAVONG (B.A.) is a coordinator and executive assistant for Earth Council Alliance, an international environmental organization. ECA implements international programs to advance sustainable community development, produces conferences worldwide to increase awareness, and engages leaders and experts to discuss and produce solutions for global challenges.

JILL PASQUALETTO (B.A.) moved to Washington, D.C., to work with a GOP fundraiser in support of House of Representatives candidates around the country.

LEANDRA SALLES-CUNHA (B.A.) is a studio photographer at Portrait Innovations in Marietta, Ga.

ALLISON WILLIAMS (B.A.) earned her single-subject teaching credential in social science from California State University, Long Beach. She teaches and coaches softball in the Long Beach Unified School District.

[2005]AMY BRANDT (B.A.) is the office supervisor for her family’s business, Brandt Beef, The True Natural. “Thanks to my USD family, I’ve become more patient and grateful for the blessings in my life,” she writes.

ANTONIO CUGINI (M.B.A.) and his wife, Michelle, were married in July 2005. Antonio works for FoxFury Personal Lighting Solutions, a family business.

TANIA GINSBERG (B.A.) worked at a bilingual Montessori school in Paris last year and is now in Dublin, Ireland, as a student in a master’s program in Montessori education.

VINCENT GIULIANO (B.B.A.) works for his family’s Italian restaurant, Gaetano’s, in Torrance, Calif.

JENELLE HAWKINS (B.A.) works for the Consulate of Canada in downtown San Diego.

ALEXANDRIA JARVIS (B.A.) moved to Los Angeles to pursue a more creative path, including freelance writing, singing in a band and working for an artist management company. She planned travels to Italy, England and New Zealand in 2007 and expects to attend graduate school in the United Kingdom in 2007 or 2008.

JEFF MENCKE (M.B.A.) is an executive recruiter in finance and accounting through Ajilon Finance in San Diego.

JONATHAN NOWLING (B.B.A.) earned an M.B.A. and several insurance licenses. He also became a notary public. Two years ago, Jonathan and his brother founded Aspen Water Systems in Roseville, Calif. The company sells reverse osmosis water systems and bottleless water coolers to homes and businesses.

KRISTIN (SEVERNS) OWENS (B.A.) and her husband, Keith, welcomed their first child, Arden McKenna, on Jan. 11, 2007. The family lives in Albuquerque.

JESSICA PERNICE (B.A.) married Kalon Morris on Aug. 5, 2006. Her husband is a Harvard graduate and a tenured oceanography professor. Jessica and Kalon enjoy sharing their time between their homes in California, Colorado and their tropical beach paradise in Mexico.

WILLARD SHEPHERD (B.B.A.) married Bridget Monahan on May 19, 2007. He reports that he recently accepted a position at Productive Finance, a family business in Los Angeles.