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Letters to the Editor
Fall 2009

Pleased as Punch

Well, the article is SHOCKINGLY beautiful (“Hi Diddle Dee Dee,” Summer 2009). Honestly, just wonderful. You did a remarkable job on the piece in my opinion, and I am FLOORED that it is on the cover! I had no idea! I can’t tell you how much I like it and also appreciate it, and my MOTHER is going to FLIP! She’ll probably cry, actually. Thank you, oh so much.

— Jim Parsons ’01 (MFA)

Memories of Danny

Liz, Jackie and I were pleased to see the article regarding the Daniel L. Burkett III Memorial Scholarship (“Saving Grace,” Summer 2009). Indeed, our son Danny ‘06 was well known for helping others, including his friends on a daily basis and others in need through his philanthropic work.

We want to thank all those who have contributed to perpetuating Danny’s memory and his legacy of giving. Last fall’s golf tournament helped in a major way towards achieving the goal of endowing a scholarship in his name. We are extremely proud of the young men who initiated the scholarship effort and who continue to work hard to make it a reality: Shaun Moothart ‘06, Anthony Pavich ‘06, Matt Pioli ‘06 and Steve Ettlin ‘06.

We look forward to this fall’s golf tournament and fulfilling the endowment.

— Daniel L. Burkett II

Cover to Cover

Thanks so much for the opportunity to write my story for USD Magazine (“Solving the Puzzle,” Summer 2009). I recently went straight from work to a dinner gala held by LEAD San Diego and did not know that the new issues had been arriving in people’s mailboxes throughout the day. When I got to the dinner, many USD alums and employees — including President Mary Lyons — said that they had already read the article and were pleased to see it in the magazine. It sounded like they all read the magazine from cover to cover as soon as they get it, even the president!

— Christopher Yanov, Executive Director, Reality Changers

Keep on Rocking

I read the editorial in the a recent issue of USD Magazine (“Light My Fire,” Spring 2009) and wanted to write in with some thoughts. I attended USD Law School from 1979-1981, and I can tell you that there was lots of great new music coming out during that time; it played a big role in getting us through law school. The “new” groups at the time included the Talking Heads, the Cars, Dire Straits and Elvis Costello.

Now — pushing 30 years down the road — I am still fueled by music. As an aside from my legal career, I have recently taken a participatory role in music production, as one of my daughters is pursuing a professional career in the music field. The industry is currently rather dysfunctional and is groping for a new model, yet music gets made in spite of all the turmoil.

So as a family, we have grabbed the bull by the horns and have self-produced some albums by the group White Roses, which feature my daughter, some of her classmates at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and some other musicians. Our most recent CD (Spark the Chain) is a group of primarily acoustic songs, so not necessarily a real “rocker.” The biggest challenge these days is not making the music, but getting it out to the world. Those interested in hearing it should go to

Thanks for your time and consideration. And may you continue to rock on.

— Ron Rose ’81 (J.D.)

London, Redux

Thank you for sending me the copy of the USD Magazine with the story that included mention of the tour I led at Canterbury for students of your university (“London Calling,” Fall 2008). I also enjoyed the copy of the photo you sent that showed me addressing the students; thanks too for your generous comments about the tour. I am just pleased that you all enjoyed visiting our wonderful cathedral, and I hope that I may see you again, with another group, sometime in the future. I also enjoyed your magazine — you have done a good editorial job.

— Bill Charlton, Docent, Canterbury Cathedral

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