Back in the Day

front5Dear Editor,

The recent article on Irving Parker in the spring USD Magazine (“One Great Man”) brought back memories. My initial period of matriculation was 1959-1962. During that time, Dean Parker was always one to avoid. It wasn’t until I returned in 1967 after a brief military tour of Asian soils that I realized what a good friend he was. I finished my degree requirements in 1968 with Dean Parker’s guidance through the mire of veterans’ benefits.

I personally experienced much of the growth and development that was taking place at USD. Prior to even attending the university, I worked on the grounds crew digging, planting and digging some more. As a student, I worked in the kitchen, and upon my return I worked as one of the first student security patrol guards … but I digress.

The real purpose of this letter was to tell you about the picture postcard that I recently came across (above). It is of The Immaculata somewhere in the late ‘50s to early ‘60s. (The white car alongside the chapel appears to be a 1957 Plymouth.) Obviously, at the time there were no trees or other plantings and Alcalá Park was a wide-open roadway.

My first inclination was to test the eBay waters for a buyer. Then the memories of my ethics classes kicked in, and I felt that the postcard should be part of the 60th anniversary display.

I am going to be in San Diego the last week of May and would greatly want to see the university and all its changes. I look forward to reading about USD; the magazine is always well-done and informative.

Thomas C. Ragan ‘68