[alumni board]
Meet the President

photo by Barbara Ferguson

Renda (Aladray) Quinn ‘86, who chaired Homecoming Weekend two years after she graduated, and has been an active member of Alumni Association ever since, recently was named president of the Alumni Association Board.

Quinn, who joined the board in 1994 and has been taking leading roles in planning signature events such as Alumni Honors since graduating, says she’s proud to see how much momentum the association has gained in recent years.

“USD has a special place in my heart,” Quinn says. “I’m so proud to be part of this university and this board that I don’t think they’re ever going to get rid of me.”

Quinn, wife to Brian Quinn ‘88 and mother to 8-year-old triplets, says she had an incredible experience as a student and was connected to many alumni who were either friends of the family or advisers to her sorority. Today, she keeps in touch with students through events like Homecoming, the Senior Legacy program, the Student Alumni Association and the Finals Feeding Frenzy. She says that maintaining relationships with students will help the Alumni Association have more influence in the future.

“I have so many goals,” says Quinn. “We’ve already got a great start, but I look forward to helping the Alumni Association grow even more. My biggest goal is to increase alumni participation. Our alumni can make a difference by volunteering locally or regionally, being an advocate for USD, donating to the university to improve our national ranking, helping USD qualify for grants, and most importantly, helping the students.”