Fresh New Look
New university logo celebrated at campus unveiling event

USD PRESIDENT MARY E. LYONS WAXED RHAPSODIC at the logo unveiling event in mid-December, pointing out that the university’s founders paid close attention to the connection between the aesthetic life and the internal life.

Faith. Compassion. Peace. Wonder. Justice. Those are just some of the key values of the University of San Diego. Every day, students, alumni and faculty are steeped in the ideals that USD is built upon, but getting the school’s key messages out to the public in a meaningful way takes an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes thought, work and strategy.

At last, all that effort is paying off. In October, the university’s board of trustees unanimously approved adoption of a new logo that was designed with the goal of reinforcing the school’s Catholic heritage and unique traditions.

“After more than a year of research, analysis and hard work by countless constituents across campus, we are now better prepared to promote the university and enhance its reputation through a consistent visual and graphic identity,” said USD President Mary E. Lyons, upon announcing this concrete example of the university’s push to brand itself for the 21st century.

As of Jan. 1, 2007, all marketing materials will feature the new University of San Diego logo, which incorporates the graceful curve of The Immaculata’s dome as a key part of its design. “The new logo, like the university itself, is classic and timeless,” says Coreen Petti, assistant vice president of University Marketing and Creative Services. Petti is driving USD’s branding efforts, and, in conjunction with her team of professional writers and designers, is crafting the university’s new graphic identity and communications style manual. By July 1, 2007, conversion of USD’s new graphic identity and style standards is scheduled to be well underway, with full completion slated for July 1, 2008.

Dozens of campus stakeholders participated in the process that led the university to this pivotal point. While the new logo is the cornerstone of a whole new visual identity for USD, it is just one of several graphics designed specifically as part of the school’s new branding efforts.

A special ceremony to unveil the logo and branding marks took place on campus on Dec. 8, and was attended by President Lyons, members of USD’s board of trustees, faculty, students and other campus constituents. All of the new graphic elements that were presented at the event feature colors in the University of San Diego’s primary color palette: “Immaculata Blue”, ‘Torero Blue’, ‘Founders Blue” and “Alcala White”. Blue and white, of course, were chosen as the school’s colors by the founders, who selected them due to their connection to the Virgin Mary, whose statue sits atop the dome of The Immaculata, which is also adorned with blue.

“Today marks a new era in the history of the University of San Diego,” Lyons said at the unveiling event. “This is an exciting moment for any institution, particularly one that’s on the move.”

Bob Hoehn, chairman of the University of San Diego Board of Trustees, echoed those sentiments: “The new logo and branding marks we are unveiling today are symbolic of a new era at USD,” he said. “They honor our past and welcome our future.”