Course: Policymaking Process
Instructor: Fred Galloway

Description: Doctoral-level course aims to help students understand the policymaking process from a variety of perspectives and to develop the analytical tools necessary to be skilled players in various policy arenas.

Uh-Oh Moment: Wait. Doctoral? Policymaking? Help!

Professorial Demeanor: Qualms are squelched the moment Professor Galloway opens his mouth. He’s a riveting lecturer, with a level of passion and enthusiasm that’s unexpected in a policy wonk.

What Not to Write: “No one should ever look at a policy brief and wonder, ‘What the hell is this about?’”

Provocative Aside: “The Union-Tribune is a master at influencing thought. Pay close attention to how they place stories and how their headlines minimize certain points. Notice that if an article is about a subject that could be injurious to the Republican party, U-T staffers write the article themselves.”

What’s the Gist? “In one word, the most important quality you’ve got to have in Washington, D.C., is loyalty. You need people to tell you when you’re full of it and when you’re not.”

Secret Spilled: “The greatest lie in higher education is that we’re reflective practitioners. The truth is, with the fast pace we live with today, no one has time.”

So, What’s a Doctorate For, Anyway? “The dissertation is a strategic bridge between now and what you want to do with the rest of your life. At this level, grades don’t matter. What matters is what you learned, who you worked with and what topic you did your dissertation on.”