Meet the Peer Coaches

Student Success Coaches Fall 2018 Student Success Coaches

Angelica, Mckenna, Cailey, and Drea.


Hometown: Farmington, New Mexico

Major: Sociology and Psychology

What you wish you knew before going to college: Being a first generation student, one thing I wish I would have known prior to coming to college is that it's perfectly acceptable to ask for help when you need it. There are so many people on campus ready and willing to help! In the beginning, I felt that I had to prove to everyone I deserved to be here just as much as anyone else and I convinced myself that meant figuring things out all on my own. There's nothing wrong with seeking guidance or assistance. Now that I've embraced this, I typically to discuss ideas or decisions with my professors, advisors, and peers to get advice and gain different perspectives. 

Favorite study tip: My study tip is to establish some ideal settings where you can read and do homework with minimal distractions and stick to those places. Don't put yourself in environments with the expectation of being productive if you know you'll be easily sidetracked. And be sure to take your favorite snacks too!

Favorite extracurricular activity: I love exploring San Diego's numerous local businesses to find the best eats and coffee. When I'm not at school, I enjoy going to the beach with friends or checking out new exhibits at Balboa Park. 

Hometown: I was born and raised in Los Angeles before I moved to Temecula when I was 14. I finally moved to SD when I started USD about 3 years ago.

Major: Psychology major here at USD and I absolutely love it! 

What you wish you knew before going to college: One thing I wish I knew before going to college is not to stress so much about getting straight A's. College is a learning process and I definitely think I put way too much pressure on myself in my first year to be perfect.

Favorite study tip: My favorite study tip, and something that has helped me a lot in recent years, is to dictate all my study guide. Speaking the words out loud really helps me to remember and retain the information in a meaningful way.

Favorite extracurricular activity: In my spare time, I love to hang out with my big dogs, Apollo and Thor, watch movies, read books, and hang with my family.


Hometown: Yokosuka, Japan

Major: Higher Education Leadership

What you wish you knew before going to college: As a student whose parents didn't go to school in America, not really having the guidance on what school to choose or the difference between high school and college. I wish I had known that office hours are really helpful, and allows you to ask other questions outside of the class material. My conversations with professors during office hours really helped me figure out where I wanted to go after college and the options available to me with my major. They may be daunting, but professors really do want to see students during office hours! 

Favorite study tip: Treat your self and set a schedule for studying. Whether it's one day a week where you can just sit and study! Take 15-minute breaks every 45 minutes you study. Scroll through social media, eat some cake, whatever you can do to let your mind rest.

Favorite extracurricular activity: I love watching cooking videos, documentaries, or tv shows. I'm not a good cook, but my hope is that I will learn! 

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Major: Psychology, minor in Visual Arts. In hopes of one day being a psychologist!

What you wish you knew before going to college: I am currently a super senior, who will be graduating this December. Before deciding to come to USD, I also attended an art school and a school in Switzerland. One important aspect of school that I think is important to realize is that not doing so well on one test, paper, project, etc. does not greatly determine your final grade. So don't worry if you don't do too well on your first test, there will be more opportunities to do better! 

Favorite study tip: My favorite study tip is to use your voice. Studies show that verbally explaining and speaking about the material you are learning helps solidify the information in your memory. And of course, a favorite snack or candy during study time never hurts!

Favorite extracurricular activity: As you can guess, I love participating in art. This includes painting, drawing, and newly printmaking. I also love visiting modern art museums. I love being in the outdoors, especially while hiking.  

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