Meet the Peer Coaches

Fall 2017 Peer Coaches

Fall 2017 Coaches

Pictured left-to-right: Leanne, Veronica G., Veronica S.

Read below to learn more about our current peer coaches (and their favorite study tip!)

Peer/Coach Study tip
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Favorite Study Tip: Review class notes everyday for 15 minutes.
Veronica G.
Major: Psychology
Minor: Education
Favorite Study Tip: Remember to space out studying sessions/material. It helps to really get down one topic before moving on to the next!


Veronica S.
Major: Psychology
Minors: Spanish, Communication
Favorite Study Tip: Make a list of the assignments you have to do and cross them off as you complete them to give yourself a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Do you want to be a peer coach? Visit the "Become a Peer Coach" link in the left-hand navigation, or contact the Center for Student Success for more information:

University Center, Room 114
Phone: (619) 260-5995