Out-of-State Ambassadors

Out-of-State Ambassadors are responsible for connecting with prospective and incoming out-of-state students to support their commitment and transition to the USD community. Out-of-State Ambassadors will work closely with the Ambassadors Club and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to assist with recruitment events such as open houses, student panels, congratulatory phone calls, day and overnight hosting, and will engage with a small group of incoming out-of-state students in order to help these students make connections at USD.

Application and Position Description

Applications for the 2016 Out-of-State Ambassadors are due to the Center for Student Success (UC 114) by 5:00PM on Friday, April 1st. After submitting an application all out-of-state students will be eligible to sign up for an interview. 

Fall 2015 Council Members

Executive Board
Frances Casey

Frances Casey

Multi-Regional Programming Chair

Hometown: Colleyville, Texas

Year: Senior  

Fun Fact: Colleyville, Texas was created as a small rural settlement along the Cotton Belt Route in the early 20th century.

Out of State Student Council Executive Board
Left to right: Christina, Neda, Caitlan

Christina Ingell

Administrative Chair

Hometown: Denver, Colorado 

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: There are 53 mountains in Colorado that are 14,000 ft. or more above sea level! They are called 14'ers. 

Neda Awad

Regional Programming Chair

Hometown: Leawood, Kansas

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: Walt Disney was actually born in Kansas City, MO and Disneyland was supposed to be in Kansas, but it was just too cold for that.

Caitlan Bertram

Communications Chair

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: Las Vegas is also nicknamed "replica city" because it replicate famous monuments around the world- Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Caesar's Colosseum, Luxor Pyramid, Mandalay Bay beach, etc. 

Pacific Northwest Council Members
Left to right: Katelyn, Jeremy, Ellie

Katelyn Johnson

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington

Year: Junior 

Fun hometown fact: Seattle's music museum (EMP) and science fiction museum are in the same building because they are both dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, because he was an amazing musician and a major fan of sci-fi.

Jeremy Rutigliano

Hometown: Happy Valley, Oregon

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: You can get married at Voodoo Doughnuts.

Ellie McCaw

Hometown: Bothell, Washington

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: Seattle's average rainfall is less than that of Houston, Chicago and New York City.

Mountain region members
Left to right: Lia, CJ, Ashlyn

Lia Hebert

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: They had the Olympics in Park City in 2002.

CJ Valencia

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Year: Sophomore 

Ashlyn Predergast

Hometown: Castle Rock, Colorado 

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: Colorado has the highest mean altitude of all the states. AND Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver. 62% of all state Voters choose at almost the last minute not to host the Olympics, because of the cost, pollution and population boom it would have on the State Of Colorado, and the City of Denver.

South Region members
Left to right: Kendra, Kiko, Mallory

Kendra Rudd-Gloster

Hometown: Richardson, Texas

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: Big Tex, is the tallest cowboy in Texas, 52 Feet Tall. 

Kiko Lamb

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: From elementary school to high school, classroom TVs would always be streaming basketball games during the Final Four...especially when UNC or Duke was playing.

Mallory Payne

Hometown: Thompsons Station, Tennessee 

Year: Senior 

Fun hometown fact: Nashville became known as Music City after the Grand Ole Opry began in 1925. Behind New York City, it's the second biggest center of music production.

Northeast region members
Left to right: Alec, Ri, Neda (E-board member), Danny

Alec Palmer

Hometown: East Haven, Connecticut 

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: This past year's American Idol winner grew up in my hometown.

Ri Varano 

Hometown: Lynnfield, Massachusetts 

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: Boston is home to the oldest original major league baseball stadium that is still in use, called Fenway Park.

Danny Halloran

Hometown: Milton, Delaware

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: Delaware has an event called the pumpkin chunkin every year. Delaware is also the first state and Thomas Jefferson refered to it as the "diamond state" because it's small yet precious. 

Southwest Region members
Left to right: Helen, David, Kathryn

Helen Loli

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: Cutting down a saguaro cactus is illegal.

David Fox 

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: Scottsdale hosts the largest car show in the world called the Barrett Jackson.

Kathryn Forsythe 

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Year: Sophomore

Fun hometown fact: We always had school off on Halloween to celebrate Nevada Day. :)

Midwest region members
Left to right: Jake, Meredith, Lexi

Jake Barrett

Hometown: Little Canada, Minnesota

Year: Junior

Fun hometown fact: Little Canada, Minnesota is very frequently confused either to be a town full of Canadians or a town similar to Canada much in the same way that Little Italy bears a resemblance to the nation Italy. It is neither of these things. 

Meredith Olson

Hometown: Red Wing, Minnesota

Year: Sophomore 

Fun hometown fact: Red Wing, Minnesota is home to the world's largest boot! 

Lexi DeYoung

Hometown: Lake Bluff, Illinois 

Year: Junior

Fun hometown fact: Vince Vaughn went to my high school

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