United Front Multicultural Center

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Language Matters

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

LM Slogan

Have you heard or said these statements?
That outfit is ghetto.
This party is so gay.
She is psycho.

LM posterHas anyone ever called you, or someone you know, out for something oppressive that you said? Have you ever struggled with trying to interrupt someone when they’ve used oppressive language? Have you ever wondered about the origin of some words, and what more inclusive language even looks like?

Language Matters was created to raise awareness about the importance of using inclusive language.

Developed in partnership between United Front Multicultural Center, Residential Life, and the Office of Ethical Development and Restorative Practices, this initiative examines the power of words and explores different ways that we can communicate the same message while honoring and respecting our identities and diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

We challenge everyone to “think before you speak” and to be a catalyst for change in order to make our community more inclusive.
How will you make our community and world a better place?