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Templates & Sample Posters


Below are some PowerPoint templates that you may use to start your poster design process. All the elements (font, color, grids, etc.) contained in these templates may be changed to fit the needs of your particular content.

Blue & White, 42x36

Green & White, 42x36

Gray, 42x36

Black & White, 42x36

Review the document "Developing Successful Posters Using Microsoft PowerPoint" for additional tips to design and prepare your poster.

A selection of outstanding posters from previous years:

Adriana Flores & Dr. Jonathan Bowman, Communications Studies, "Nika Water: A Better Way to Communicate a Cause."

Chelsea Towler & Dr. Ken Keith, Psychological Sciences, "Exercise and Mental Health in University Students."

Cicilya Kaunang & Dr. Jonathan Bowman, Communications Studies, "Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Shakti Rising."

Deserae Rawling & Dr. Sarah Gray, Marine Science and Environmental Studies, "Can sediment texture by used as a proxy to measuer terrigenous sediment accumulation on coral reefs?"

Jessica Sully & Dr. Geoffrey Morse, Biology, "Sexual selection in morphology of male genitalia in two seed beetle species of the genus Acanthoscelides."

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