Office of Undergraduate Research

Drop Shadow

Poster Guidelines


Your poster should not exceed 46 inches x 46 inches. If you are having your poster printed on campus at Instructional Media Services (IMS), your poster cannot be larger than 42 inches x 36 inches.


Mounting your poster on foamcore is NOT recommended; if you have such a poster, you will need to bring your own extra long pins to affix your poster. Pushpins will be provided for affixing your poster to the presentation boards.

Design and Layout

Please check with your faculty mentor or department representative to review the appropriate design conventions for your discipline. You may also want to view some Sample Posters from 2011. Students are encouraged to attend a Poster Design Workshop offered by USD ITS.

  • Set the page margins to at least 1 inch. Elements may get cut off in the printing process if there is no margin.
  • Recommended font sizes: Title should be at least 70 pt. Text should be 18 point or larger so it can be read from 3-5 feet away.
  • Use high resolution images in the 200-300 dpi range. Images copied from Web pages (typically 72-75 dpi) may appear jagged and fuzzy when enlarged.

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