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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference?

All undergraduate students who are involved in research, scholarly work, internships or creative activities are encouraged to participate. There is no cost to participate.

Who is my USD faculty mentor?

Your USD faculty mentor is the person who is supervising your research, scholarship, or creative project. It is not your academic faculty advisor. If you are doing an internship, your faculty mentor is the faculty member that coordinates the internship program for your department or major.

Can I be the presenter/author of two projects?

No. Each student can only be the primary author/presenter of one project; however, you can be a secondary presenter/author of another project.

I'm doing research or an internship off campus. Should I list my off-campus supervisor as my faculty mentor?

You should specify a USD professor as your faculty mentor. However, there is also a space for you to provide information about your off-campus supervisor.

My faculty mentor is not able to attend the conference. Will she/he need to be present on the day of the presentation?

Although faculty mentors are encouraged to attend the conference, it is not required. If your faculty mentor cannot attend, please be sure to invite other members of your group to come and support you.

Who can help me with questions about how an abstract, poster, or presentation should look in my field?

Each department has a faculty representative who can answer questions about how things are normally done in your discipline or field. If you have questions regarding the academic content of your work, it is best to ask your faculty mentor or your department's Faculty Representative.

To learn how to design and assemble a poster, please sign-up for a workshop. More information about the workshop can be found here.

To sign up for the workshop, please visit here.

I still have questions about the Undergraduate Research Conference. Where can I get further information?

You may send questions about the event to