Multiple Programs Provide USD Students with Summer Research Experiences

Many students spent their summer taking a class, doing an internship, studying and traveling abroad or returned to their home state or country to be with family and friends. There were also several USD students who spent their time this summer gaining important experience as USD Summer Research Scholars


The USD Office of Undergraduate Research, in connection with on-campus programs such as TRiO’s USD McNair Scholars, a National Science Foundation-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (including some non-USD students), USD's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and Pre-Undergraduate Research Experience, PURE, (incoming USD first-year students) programs, and Beckman Foundation-funded USD student scholars, had a busy summer.

Students from a diverse set of majors in arts, social and physical sciences, engineering, math and contributed to USD faculty-led research labs and worked on projects that give them practical experience and exposure to cutting-edge research and topics.

Near the end of the summer, the 11 students in the NSF REU cohort — which included military veterans and non-USD students from as far away as Texas — gave poster presentations in the Shiley Center for Science and Technology. Several of USD’s McNair Scholars gave oral presentations of their work at the annual UC San Diego Summer Research Conference on August 18. 

2017 USD Summer Research Scholars 

Below is a list of all students (with faculty mentors listed) who participated in summer research through one of the following programs on campus. 

NSF REU (*— non-USD student): Alexandra Ivan* (David De Haan, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Andrew Boghossian* (Ryan McGorty, Physics and Biophysics); Daniel Ghebreigziabher (Joseph Provost, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Diana Tamayo* (Nathalie Reyns, Environmental and Ocean Sciences); Isabel Paredes* (Jane Friedman, Mathematics); Jayna Lizama* (Drew Talley, Environmental and Ocean Sciences); Joshua Wilson (Tim Clark, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Luis Garcia* and Nathan Kramer (Daniel Codd, Mechanical Engineering); William Bentley* (Rae Anderson, Physics and Biophysics); and William Sherwin* (Joan Schellinger, Chemistry and Biochemistry). 

McNair Scholars: Aurora Espinoza (Orlando Espin, Theology and Religious Studies); Carli Proctor and Yessica Green Rosas (Kristen McCabe, Psychological Sciences); Cassandra Ortega (Thomas Reifer, Sociology); Clarissa Wolatz (Turner Nevitt, Philosophy); Dominique Shank (Carlton Floyd, English); Elisenda Guerra-Delgado (Bradley Bond, Communication Studies); Isidro Gonzalez (Michael Gonzalez, History); Jana Hunter (Juliana Maxim, Architecture); Jeharrah Pearl (Sat Garcia, Computer Science); Jessica Paul (Rachel Blaser, Psychological Sciences); Johnathan Farmer (Steven Sumner, Economics); Kylin Copthorne (Ashley Feinsinger, Philosophy); Lilia Baldauf (Christopher Daley, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Lina Wallace (Judith Liu, Sociology); Melinda Sevilla (Kristin Moran, Communication Studies); Nicholas Norita (Jack Crumley, Philosophy); Paris Lowe (Mary Barger, Hahn School of Nursing); and Raechel Hill (Drew Talley, Environmental and Ocean Sciences). 

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience: Amanda Nguyen and Margaret Driscoll (Divya Sitaraman, Behavioral Neuroscience); Amber Sheldon and Eric Kraft (Brian Clack, Philosophy); Andrew Smith (Anthony Bell, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Briana Jurries (Joel Gruber, Theology and Religious Studies); Bryan Reid (Brianna Rigg, Visual Arts), Caitlin MacGregor (Adam Haberman, Biology); Christian Quintero and Mariam Dawood (Jessica Bell, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Clare Bakker and Isaac Bell (Joseph Provost, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Edward Fisher (Jena Hales, Psychological Sciences); Emily Mueller and Mayce Keeler (John Halaka, Visual Arts); Grace Cawley (Jennifer Prairie, Environmental and Ocean Sciences); James Ricketts and Tess Robeson (Valerie Hohman, Biology); Jason Clapp (Ryan McGorty, Physics and Biophysics); Jonathan Tran and Nathan Lorentz (Joan Schellinger, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Jordan Readyhough and Kristin Desplinter (Satyan Devadoss, Applied Mathematics); Kathryn Regan and Robert Fitzpatrick (Rae Anderson, Physics and Biophysics); Khoa Vu (Gordon Hoople, General Engineering); Madison Ryan (Allison Wiese, Art); Melissa Tran (Peter Iovine, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Michael Bennett and Sidney Williams (Suzanne Waither, Environmental and Ocean Sciences); Nathan Grassi (Terry Bird, Biology); Nina Marie Garcia (Ellis Bell, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Quinn Pratt (Imane Khalil, Mechanical Engineering); Raquel Markham (Christopher Daley, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Riley Read (Ron Kaufmann, Environmental and Ocean Sciences); Samantha Deddeh (Michael Gonzalez, History); Tara Toman (Sue Lowery, Biology). 

Pre-Undergraduate Research Experience: Alfraib Ibarra and Gabriel Preciado (Imane Khalil, Mechanical Engineering); Isabelle Gehrs and Omar Khan (Lukasz Pruski, Mathematics); Lauren Wood and Thalia Luna (Divya Sitaraman, Behavioral Neuroscience); Megan Mir (Jena Hales, Psychological Sciences); Reynold Akinboro (Joseph Provost, Chemistry and Biochemistry). 

Beckman Scholars: Emily Pitsch (Joseph Provost, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Halie Sonnenschein (Jessica Bell, Chemistry and Biochemistry); Mary Tenuta (Geoff Morse, Biology) and Shea Ricketts (Rae Anderson, Physics and Biophysics). 

For more information about undergraduate research opportunities or to apply for one of the research programs, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research, located in Founders Hall 146, by email, or call (619) 260-7840. 

—Compiled by USD News Center Staff

University of San Diego students in the TRiO McNair Scholars program, along with USD Director Ramiro Frausto (top row, far right), presented their research at the UCSD Summer Research Conference.University of San Diego students in the TRiO McNair Scholars program, along with USD Director Ramiro Frausto (top row, far right), presented their research at the UCSD Summer Research Conference.

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