Office of Undergraduate Research

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Course Development for Research-Intensive Courses

As a way to ensure that all students are able to participate and benefit from research experiences, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports faculty interested in developing and assessing research-intensive courses. From 2011-2015 the Keck Course Development Grant (CDG) was available to support the incorporation of undergraduate research into the curriculum.  Information about the recipients and their research intensive courses can be found in the 2011-2015 Keck Course Development Grant Recipients sections below.

In line with the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the University, the Office of Undergraduate Research has now partnered with the Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action (CASA), the Changemaker Hub (Hub) and the Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) to support Community Based Research (CBR) projects.   In the 2015/2016 academic year two types of Community Based Research Development Grants (CBRDGs) will be available to faculty, administration and staff:

  • a yearlong curricular development grant
  • a yearlong co-curricular development grant

Both are designed to support faculty, administration and staff that are interested in incorporating research and undergraduates into their community relationships. For more information about the CBRDG's please visit the CBRDG webpage. In addition to the Curricular Community Based Research Development Grant the OUR continues to work with faculty and departments to incorporate research into the curricula.

2014-2015 Keck Course Development Grant Recipients

Colin Fisher, Ph.D., History 495: Senior Seminar

2013-2014 Keck Course Development Grant Recipients

Michelle Camacho Walter, Ph.D., Sociology 494: Special Topics – Capstone Course
Julia Miller Cantzler, Ph.D., Sociology 315W: Environmental Inequality and Justice
Michelle Jacob, Ph.D., Ethnic Studies 332: American Indian Health and Spirituality
Susannah Stern, Ph.D., Communications 265: Introduction to Research Methods

2012-2013 Keck Course Development Grant Recipients

Emily Edmonds-Poli, Ph.D., Political Science 494W: Latin America
Casey Dominguez, Ph.D., Political Science 494W: American Politics
Mike Williams, Ph.D., Political Science 494W: Africa
Atreyee Phukan, Ph.D., English 380: Literary and Cultural Theory

2011-2012 Keck Course Development Grant Recipients

Florence Gillman, Ph.D., Theology and Religious Studies 388: The World of the Bible
Bradley Bond, Ph.D., Communication Studies 265: Introduction to Communication Research
Adina Batnizsky, Ph.D., Sociology 225: Quantitative Methods
Alejandro Meter, Ph.D., Spanish 458: Jewish Latin America