Centers and Offices at the UCSLP

Offices and Centers Description Location
Auxiliary Services Administrative Offices

Includes hospitality, dining, bookstore, campus card and Zipcar services. Here you will find the offices and support staff for the Auxiliary Services Executive Director, Director of Marketing and Director of Dining. (619) 260-8880

UC, Room 137
Campus Card Services

Responsible for administration of Campus Cash and meal plans and the distribution of Torero ID, gift and Alcala Advantage cards, as well as the administration of the Onity door lock system. (619) 260-5999

UC, Room 127
Black Student Resource Center (BSRC)

The BSRC seeks to enhance and increase student success and retention, building community engagement, facilitating identity development and supporting students' college experience. Here at the BSRC we strive to support the academic, social and personal goals of all black students at the University of San Diego. (619) 260-4173

UC, Room 113
Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CWHP)

Helps empower students to make healthy choices regarding issues such as alcohol and drugs, weight management, nutrition, sexual assault prevention and tobacco cessation. Students may contact for free individual assessments and consultations, 12-step facilitation, support groups, peer education and referrals to on-campus and community resources. (619) 260-4618

UC, Room 161
Center for Student Success (CSS)

Provides students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a peer coach or professional staff to address academic and personal issues in a confidential setting. Coaches and professional staff are able to assist students with assessing and identifying presenting challenges, generating a Student Success Plan that includes academic and personal goals, developing academic skills, and connecting students with relevant resources on campus. (619) 260-5995

UC, Room 114
Outdoor Adventures

Offers USD and local community members a variety of services including equipment rentals and customized trips featuring activities such as hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, canoeing, horseback riding and backpacking. (619) 260-4709

UC, Room 136
Office of the Assistant Dean of Students

Serves three primary purposes which include overseeing the Torero Days and Spring Orientation programs; working with students who may have violated the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities; and advising the Graduate Student Life program and The Vista student newspaper. (619) 260-4590

UC, Room 132
One-Stop Student Center

Where students can work with specially trained counselors who help them manage a variety of business transactions including financial aid, student accounts and registration. (619) 260-2700

UC, Room 126
Parking Services

Committed to supporting the USD's Mission Statement by creating a helpful and welcoming environment through the delivery of excellent service. (619) 260-4518

UC, Room 102
ITS Help Desk

Provides USD students and employees technical support by troubleshooting problems, repairing computers and maintaining the USD wireless network. ITS also provides Web e-mail services and student portal access through (619) 260-7900

UC, Room 117
U.S. Bank

The full-service U.S. Bank branch, which specializes in student accounts, if open for all banking needs. One may use their Torero Card as an ID card and ATM and debit card all in one. U.S. Bank ATM's are located on campus at the UC, Bert's Bistro and the Jenny Craig Pavilion. (619) 785-5972

UC, Room 125
Office of Student Affairs

Dedicated to helping students make the most of their college experience, this office offers many programs to facilitate involvement and to foster student development. Visitors will find the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the Assistant Vice President for Student Life, the Director of Resource Management for the division and several other staff and administrators who can assist students and help connect them to USD's programs, resources and services. (619) 260-4590

UC, Room 232
Veteran's Center

This center serves as the dedicated site for our student Veterans to gather.  Responsible for the administration of all Veterans Administration education benefits processing.  Dedicated to making the educational experience second to none for our student Veterans and family members attending USD on a GI Bill allowance.  The Veterans Center has places for meetings and study, a TV lounge for relaxing, and provides a break room area for student use.  The center is managed by the Veteran Student Services Coordinator and houses the VA Certifying Official and VA student workers.   We are the central place for veterans resources, involvement, networking and the Student Veterans Organization. (619) 260-5945

UC, Room 225
University Centers and Student Activities Operations and Scheduling, University Center (UC) Ticket Office

University Centers and Student Activities Operations Staff is responsible for the daily operation of the UCSLP. The Office of Campus Scheduling coordinates the scheduling of campus events. The UC Ticket Office offers students the ability to purchase tickets for campus and community events including movies. In addition, transit passes and Southern California attraction tickets such as Sea World and Disneyland can also be purchased. (619) 260-4796

UC, Room 205
University Ministry

Serves the spiritual and religious needs of the campus community. Throughout the academic year a variety of service opportunities, immersion trips, retreats, liturgies, faith sharing groups and sacramental preparation programs are offered, which allow students to explore all aspects of their lives and their faiths. University ministers are available to all USD community members for conversation, mentoring and pastoral counseling. (619) 260-4735

UC, Room 238
Information Desk We can help you get general information about programs and services on campus. (619) 260-8888 UC Level 2 Foyer
Associated Students (AS)

Dedicated to serving the students at USD. As the direct link between the administration and the students, AS helps discuss and resolve issues that are important to the student body. Visitors will find the offices of the President, the Chief of Staff and the Vice Presidents for Finance, Academics, Student Issues, Marketing, Programming, Student Organizations and Multicultural Relations. (619) 260-4715

SLP, Room 312
Creative Zone

A great place to work on publications for student organizations. Whether you need to develop a flyer, a poster or a banner, stop by for suggestions, materials and assistance! (619) 260-7910

SLP, Room 302
Center for Awareness, Service and Action (CASA)

Increases awareness of the local and global community through expanding and enriching service-learning opportunities. The center promotes cultural awareness and social consciousness. (619) 260-4206

SLP, Room 320
Changemaker HUB In 2011, USD launched the Changemaker HUB, a campus wide manifesta¬tion of USD’s mission and values with the purpose of empowering and enabling the USD community to be Changemakers. In the fall of 2013, the Changemaker Space opened its doors on the third floor of the SLP, a key gathering space where students, faculty and staff can further explore social change through connecting with others. The space offers multiple opportunities to grow as a Changemaker, whether participating in the Changemaker Challenge, creating your own projects as a Changemaker Summer Fellow or by getting involved in a Changemaker-designated student club or organization. (619) 260-2798 SLP, Room 324
Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC)

This area serves as a home base for student leadership and involvement. Students can find information about AS, Greek Life, weekend programs and student organizations. Offices and mailboxes for more than 70 undergraduate student clubs and organizations are housed here. Students can find out information on joining a club, starting a club of their own interest and planning a club activity. The Center is a place for resources, organization planning and involvement. (619) 260-4802

SLP, Level 3
Graduate and Law Student Commons

Fosters community among all graduate and law students. It is designed to promote collaborative programs that enrich graduate student life. The commons supports the goals of the graduate student associations, is a central source for information and serves as a liaison resources across campus. (619) 260-4305

SLP, Room 401

The Vista, Student Newspaper

The weekly student newspaper, which is published on Thursdays. This office oversees the writing, production, distribution and subscription processes for the newspaper. (619) 260-4714

SLP, Room 403B
United Front Multicultural Center

Serves as an educational resource for the university community and will aid the university in developing a campus community that is culturally diverse and responsive to changing local, regional and national demographics. It works to contest the presence of prejudices and "-isms" at USD, while creating an overall inclusive environment. (619) 260-2395

SLP, Room 418
USD Radio

Serves as a platform for students, faculty and all other members of the university community to voice their creativity and opinions. It also provides practical experience for students interested in broadcast careers. (619) 260-7908

SLP, Room 402

The student-run television station provides community-relevant news and entertainment with its original programming. In addition, USDtv shows newly released movies and classics alike on its campus cable channel for resident students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

SLP, Room 403A
Women's Center

Empowers women to become leaders in a diverse and changing world. It provides resources and engages women and men in educational dialogue about gender-related issues and advocates for a safe, supportive campus environment that creates equity among all voices. A nursing room for USD parents and their children is located in the center. (619) 260-2396

SLP, Room 420
Honors Program and Lounge

Emphasizes teaching excellence, small classes and a core curriculum of innovative and exciting courses. This Center is a nexus for informal interaction among honors students as well as a unique opportunity for these students to interact with other groups on campus. This Center includes an office for the Director of the Honors Program, reception and work space for the Administrative Assistant, a formal meeting room and a student lounge. (619) 260-7847

SLP, Rooms 409, 410

Contact Information

Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion
Student Life Pavilion
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 260-4600

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.