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Being a Torero means looking out for yourself, your classmates and your community. At USD, being safe and staying safe plays a major role in who we are, and while the Department of Public Safety works to maintain the security of our campus, they can’t do it alone. You can do your part by getting involved in prevention programs, or by simply alerting public safety officers about suspicious behavior or activity.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness includes staying informed and being prepared. Being knowledgeable about preparedness/response guides will help to keep our community safe.

Hate Crimes & Acts of Intolerance Response Procedures

An act of intolerance is an affront to a community that values diversity and strives to create an inclusive environment. USD expects all members of the university community to comply with the law and applicable university policies, including those that set forth the standards of behavior expected of community members, such as the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities and the Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment.

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is located on the south side of Hughes Administration Hall, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies on campus should be reported directly to the Department of Public Safety.


  • Extension x2222 (on-campus phone)
  • (619) 260-2222 (off-campus phone)


  • Extension x7777 (on-campus phone)
  • (619) 260-7777 (off-campus phone)

Sexual Assault Resources

USD does not tolerate sexual assault and is implementing a comprehensive effort that reinforces a culture of prevention, response and accountability that ensures the safety, dignity and well-being of all members of our community.

Student Conduct

All students are required to adhere to the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities. Through the student conduct process we work with students to help them gain greater insight into their choices and behaviors in order to provide a safe environment for the campus community, one that supports the academic mission and provides a productive living and learning environment. We strive to foster the personal development of students and emphasize the student's personal understanding of their behavior as well as their responsibilities to the community.

Warning Signs

Taking care of our USD community is each person’s responsibility. It is as simple as consulting with our counseling center staff on concerning behavior or just by being aware of the behaviors and actions of friends, roommates, classmates and peers. Knowing about the different resources that USD has to offer will help you support a friend when they might need it the most. If you are ever concerned about someone or notice a decline in quality of work/grades, excessive tiredness or forgetfulness, excessive risk taking or threats to hurt themselves or others, there are Student Wellness professionals available to speak with you either at the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP), Counseling Center, Disability Services or Student Health Center.