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The Sidewalk

There have been many, many traditions that have been created in our 60+ years of being a university. One of those informal traditions was what we called "fliering", where student organizations and departments would cover the sidewalks between buildings with fliers (both small and extremely large) to advertise events like concerts, new classes, major campus events, and much more.

But as the university grew, so did our desire to be responsible stewards of the environment. One of the major initiatives taken on by Associated Students in 2010-2011 was the implementation of alternative methods of advertising events in order to reduce our paper waste. So, with the help of the administration, the decision was made move away from fliering on the sidewalks. Kiosks were installed where students could post fliers in three locations: in front of the Kroc IPJ, in the Camino/Founders courtyard, and on Plaza Menor between the Hahn UC and the Student Life Pavilion. Digital displays were also installed in many of the high-traffic student areas such as Mother Rosalie Hill Hall (SOLES), the Hahn UC/SLP, etc. to help bring USD into the 21st century and give students and departments one more method of showcasing their events.

Torero Life has named this section of our website "The Sidewalk" as a tribute to the tradition of fliering. We hope we can continue to showcase student art and events in a way that is both sustainable and consistent with USD's desire to becoming a more forward-thinking campus.

To post a flier on "The Sidewalk", please visit sandiego.edu/mypostings.