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Get Connected

One of the great things about being a Torero is how many options there are to get involved. For students looking to better transition to life on campus or to participate in extracurricular activities, getting involved is one of the best ways to get connected. Students who are involved and feel connected to their communities are more likely to be successful both academically and professionally.

When students first arrive on campus, many students look for ways to make friends, to find their home away from home. The Alcalá Bazaar is an event and opportunity to meet new people and learn about the many different student organizations and groups here at USD. The Student Leadership and Involvement Center also known as the SLIC, provides resources and information for students to learn about leadership, get involved and stay connected.

Elizabeth Lee (Kappa Alpha Theta, Best Buddies Club, Phi Alpha Delta, Center for Action Service and Awareness and University Ministry) and Peter Ferrari (Students for Fair Trade and Sustainability, Microfinance Club, Center for Peace and Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, Mortar Board, Honor Council, Club Water Polo and UM) certainly know that getting involved with student organizations and groups on campus is worth the time and energy. So what’s the best part about being involved? For Peter, it is meeting a diverse group of people from different classes and different areas of the country. For Elizabeth, it is the instant connections, new friends and always having something to do. It may seem overwhelming and can be hard to balance but Peter knows that if you just stay on top of your work and commitments, you’ll be fine. For more information and tips about balancing all your commitments, click here!

Being involved isn’t just about joining a club or organization though; it’s about making a positive impact on the community, whether that be through classmates, roommates, friends or even the greater San Diego community. With the many service opportunities available through University Ministry and CASA, there’s always a way to make an impact. At USD we are committed to developing “leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service” and getting involved at USD is the first step.

"Getting involved makes being at USD a better experience." Peter Ferrari

Peter Ferrari on getting involved at USD

Elizabeth Lee gives a tour of the SLIC