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Founders Club Enacting the Core Values

Trips to orphanages, distributing carpacks to homeless people, taking medical service trips to Panama, salsa nights, and scholarship banquets are just some of the ways that the student organizations at USD are enacting the university’s core values in their day-to-day lives. One of the most tangible ways we see USD’s core values through student organizations is through Compassionate Service. The Director of Student Organizations, Mandy Womack, mentions that “Many of our student organizations have a focus of serving others – whether through direct service or philanthropic efforts. The ability to focus on our privilege and how we are called to serve others is seen in the experience offered by these organizations.”

Founders Club, a well established organization at USD since 1979, is no exception to the rule when it comes to compassionate service. Founders Club completes over twenty service activities a year which include trips to Tijuana’s La Gloria Orphanage, interactions with Mecca Youth Group and Nazareth House Retirement, and support to the USD Women’s Basketball team. Senior, Jeremy Whelan points out, “being a part of Founders Club for the past four years has allowed me to interact with students who I shared similar interest with and continually worked towards a greater good.” Whelan is currently the coordinator for the La Gloria Orphanage service trips and has attended over 14 trips while at USD. Reflecting on his experiences, Whelan mentions “I have learned a great deal through my interactions with the children and have grown so much as a person. Although it may seem I am going down to help the children, I am benefiting just as much if not more out of the experience.”

The involvement of the founding advisor, Sister Patricia Shaffer, is a large reason for the continuous success of this organization. She has been a hands-on advisor who is extremely invested in the organization. One her fondest memories working with Founders Club took place in Rosarito, Mexico where the students gathered for a retreat and decided to change the name of the organization from the Sacred Heart Club to Founders Club. After 33 years of advising Founders Club, Sr. Pat has decided it is time to pass the role of advisor to Associate University Minister, Erin Bishop. Whelan states “Sister Pat has dedicated everything to Founders Club. She is and will remain a legend on this campus.”

If you are interested in getting involved with Founders Club or any other student organizations check out ToreroOrgs for a full directory of USD’s clubs. 

Look forward to future feature stories on ToreroLife of other student organizations bringing USD’s core values into action!

"The ability to focus on our privilege and how we are called to serve others is seen in the experience offered
by these orgs.
Mandy Womack

Founders Club