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ITS Help Desk is Your One Stop Tech Shop

Meet senior Colette Custin, lead student technician at the ITS Help Desk.

Custin is one of the team of students on campus who comprise USD's very own Genius Bar ... but don't call them that because in many ways, Custin and her peers know the ITS Help Desk is a better alternative to your average Genius Bar, Geek Squad or any other technical support. "It's just a lot more friendly to go where your peers are helping you find solutions for your tech problems," she says.

During the first few days students return to campus — or, as the help desk technicians affectionately call it, "Netweek" — technicians assist with a range of support questions from how to connect to the wireless internet across campus to how to get your @sandiego.edu email address set up on your computer. They are also available to assist with connecting video game systems, TV and audio systems, and mobile device setups (including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, and more) via appointment.

The best part? Not only is the ITS Help Desk open 24 hours a day, but the services provided by the Help Desk are free for resident students and low cost for non-resident students!

When asked what the strangest question someone has called the Help Desk about, Custin quickly replies, "we've had people come in and ask for kleenex and for cool places to eat around USD ... We work to support the campus comnunity in any way we can. We're a fun-loving group!"

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"ITS Help Desk is different in a lot of ways than going to the Genius Bar, Best Buy or Fry's. It more comforting to go fix your computer with other students and a lot more friendly." Colette Custin