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Meet Your New RA

When it comes to campus life, there are few Toreros with more inside info than Resident Assistant Candace Torrey. This year, she will be a senior and a resident assistant (RA) in the Manchester residence hall, which houses mostly upperclass students.

And with this being her fourth year of living on campus, she knows how important it is to understand the role of your new RA.

All Toreros who live on campus are expected to live by certain community standards, and RA's are there to help ensure that your new home is a place that is welcoming for everyone. They handle everything from Roommate Agreements, to helping new Toreros adjust to life away from home, to illustrating the Mission and Vision of the university. "I really like the principles that the school is based on [like] ethical conduct and compassionate service. I really try to show that to my residents by leading by example and fostering that in our community," Torrey says.

It's also important to understand that an RA is not just there to enforce school rules. RA's like Torrey are a wealth of information for resources all over campus, as well as a resource themselves. "One of my important roles as an RA [is] being a resource and letting them know what resources are available to them as well as advising them to the best of my ability," she says.

Torrey knows that getting involved is one of the most important parts of joining the campus community. And don't worry if you aren't a part of a club or organization. RA's hold community events right in your residence halls like movie nights, game nights, ice cream socials and more, to help students feel more connected to the campus. Torrey also recommends bringing a white board to hang on your door. "It's a really fun way to get to know the other residents on the hall," she says.

Becoming an RA is one of the best things Torrey has done for her development as both a student and as a person. Being an RA helps strengthen leadership abilities and provides a great way to connect with new students and make a positive impact on their experiences here at USD.

To find out more about living on campus, click here.

"I really love living on campus, especially the convenience of it. I have also been able to foster some really strong relationships by living on campus." Candace Torrey

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Tips for first-year Toreros