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Safe Spring Break

Spring break (March 30- April 6) is right around the corner and many USD students are talking about how they are ready for a much-needed break.  Hopefully, students will get the rest and relaxation that they need, while staying safe at the same time. Some simple but effective questions to ask yourself are “What could be some safety concerns about traveling?”, or “If you were to find yourself in the following situation, how are you prepared to get yourself out of it?" 

Here's a quick list of easy tips to keep you safe and healthy during spring break!

  • Rest
  • Travel in groups
  • Orient yourself with local laws and customs
  • Stay hydrated
  • Use sun protection like sunblock
  • Bring a list of emergency contacts with you
  • Pace yourself

Please follow Campus Connections, USD’s Peer Health Educators, at:  www.twitter.com/usdpeerhealth

Click here to learn more tips on how to have a fun and safe spring break!


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