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My Story: Recap

USD wishes a huge thank you to four courageous students who shared the personal stories of their lives, from the struggles to the successes, with fellow friends and Toreros. As the first event of its kind, the open and comforting atmosphere helped build a strong sense of community and solidarity for both speakers and listeners. People offered words of encouragement and gained new perspectives, as the night left everyone eager to hear more stories or perhaps share some of their own. The collective consensus agrees on the hope that the event will move towards earning a more regular appearance on campus.

“Everyone has something that no one else in the world does: their own story. This story is completely and wholly theirs, and it deserves to be shared. This event allowed for the first stories to be told to ears that wanted to listen, and I have such faith in USD to keep on serving as a Changemaker campus.”

Nick Delgado ~ Class of 2014

“It’s empowering and almost overwhelming how opening up can reveal how much of a community there is here at USD. Support and inclusion are present within this student body, we just need the courage to embrace it, and each other. After tonight, I hope at least one person was touched by my story and the stories shared, because our voices speak for many, and that's something to never forget."

Elenai Alailima ~ Class of 2015

“My Story showed a lack of community I couldn’t grasp here at USD, but meeting everyone towards the end made me realize that there are people who truly care and appreciate to hear my story. M­aybe, just maybe, what I said tonight will make people look at other minority students differently and not assume stereotypes created by the media.”

Selam Worku ~ Class of 2016

“Talking to everyone was so revealing and made me feel really secure with my past, my story, and myself. It made me accept it more than I already had before and I felt even more comfortable in possibly sharing it in the future.”

Jenny Stiles ~ Class of 2017

*photo by Crash Ketcham