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My SD Mobile 2.1 Goes Live

Moisés Barón focuses his attention on the issues of University of San Diego students’ health and overall wellness. Indra Bishop is in the business of producing technology that simplifies the process of gathering information for the campus community. So it made perfect sense this summer when Barón, assistant vice president of Student Affairs and Student Wellness, approached Bishop about working together to give USD students access to important campus information via the university’s MySDmobile program.

The result is the launch of the USD Resource Connect mobile application, the “first in-house fully developed app,” Bishop said, and part of MySDmobile’s recent Version 2.1 upgrade. “We wanted an app that would be very useful to our students,” Barón said. “USD Resource Connect gives them all of the different dimensions of wellness in one location and access to the information to be connected.”

Barón’s team developed the concept and provided the content after surveying a cross-section of student and staff for feedback. It was submitted to Bishop, director of Enterprise Administrative Systems and Services, who took student involvement a step further. Robin Luo, a full-time USD MBA student from China, served as the app’s lead developer.

USD Resource Connect’s visual look centers on a “spinning wheel” mechanism. It allows students to search 10 different dimensions — academics, environmental, financial, occupational, physical, psychological, safety, social, social justice and spiritual — to then determine categories and campus resources available.

Bishop said the new app delivers technology that helps students get the most out of their college experience. The other key upgrade on Version 2.1, the second since MySDmobile debuted in Fall 2009, is giving students with Android smartphones access to MySDmobile. Android users can download MySDmobile from the Android Market for free.

Meanwhile, the partnership with Student Wellness on the USD Resource Connect app worked so well that Bishop encourages others with an application idea and the desire to collaborate to contact her.

“Our plan is to use the ‘Design and Develop Once — Deploy Everywhere’ approach, to make serious inroads into developing a mobile development strategy that may work for us,” she said. “Surging ahead with limited resources poses a huge challenge. We’ve been very successful using a community-wide approach to meet this challenge by tapping into the skills of our developers from other teams and student and staff expertise on campus. We hope to continue to use this power of crowdsourcing to expand mobile applications at USD.”

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"USD Resource Connect gives them all of the different dimensions of wellness in one location and access to the information to be connected." Dr. Moisés Barón