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Meet the New AS Executive Board

This past March, the students of USD voted to elect the new Associated Students Executive Board. With the change in administration, there are bound to be new ideas and initiatives on how to serve the diverse array of student needs on campus. Incoming President Morgan Schwanke and his team are excited for their new roles and challenges but have still managed to keep a sense of humor in the preparation for next year.

The new AS team shares some of their favorite things, including "The Sound of Music", making music, and steel cut oats! Check out the video below.

Your new AS team is not only dedicated to advocating for student issues, but is also really talented. Watch them sing, dance, and make magic below!

Now presenting the rest of the AS and Torero Program Board (TPB) team!

AS Chief of Staff- Brennan Vance
AS Director of Elections- Robert Martinez
AS Director of Student Organizations- Romyn Sabatchi
AS Director of Wellness and Sustainability- James Wykowski
AS Director of Academics- Sophia Carrillo
AS Controller- Evan Karkazis
AS Director of Marketing- Emily Whan
AS Director of Social Media- Samantha Finegan
AS Director of Public Affairs- Colby Edson

TPB Vice Chair, Special Events- Hayley Perez
TPB Vice Chair, Operations- Farrah Coltrain
TPB Vice Chair, Main Events- Emily Prest
TPB Spirits & Traditions Coordinator- Erin Martinek
TPB Novelty Coordinator- Lauren Miranda-Cagdac
TPB Memberships & Logistics Coordinator-
Avery Nickerson
TPB Concerts Coordinator-
Kathryn Zambon
TPB After Dark Coordinator-
Kai Dugquem
TPB Off Campus Events & Tickets Coordinator-
Matthew Sirriani
TPB Class Programming Coordinator-
Chelsea Casserly
TPB Multicultural & Arts Coordinator- Alexandra Steinhaus
TPB Marketing Coordinator- Delaney Kepple

Read a recent interview by Inside USD with AS President Morgan Schwanke here.

"I understand what it is to be a Torero in all aspects of Student Life." AS President, Morgan Schwanke