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Life Week: Recap


Living Is For Everyone, and Toreros like freshman Anastasia Zuniga embody the spirit of respecting and celebrating human dignity in all forms. Not only did she discover ways to reaffirm her own beliefs, she recognized the overall effect that the week’s agenda hoped to leave with the students.

“As a worker at the University Ministry and a member of Students for Life, I was involved in most things during L.I.F.E. week. I helped set up and then clean up the events, emceed for the Youth Talks: Stories of Homelessness in San Diego, announced the winners of the photography contest, contributed to the creation of the postcard fliers we sent out to people, and posted on social media about all the events.

Personally, I enjoyed the homeless lunch packing event because it gave me a small way to give back to my community. I like doing community service, but it could be hard to find time as a busy college student. My other favorite event was listening to the comedian Kevin Breel speak about suicide and mental health. He had the perfect balance when speaking about a very serious topic in a light, positive way.

For me, I also learned new things in how I perceived ideas, particularly with immigration. I am half Mexican but raised with a family that led to a harsh view of illegal immigrants. After watching the documentary about Jose Vargas and going on the Tijuana day trip, it all changed my outlook. Now, I see immigration as more of a life issue whereas before I saw it as a political issue.

This week brought awareness to the campus of all the resources available. I know a lot of people acknowledge that human life is important but do not often get to see actual events in support of that belief. The events helped students find out different perspectives and learn more about what they believe.

Values behind the campaigns coincided with the Catholic social teachings. It allowed the Catholics on campus to follow through with those teachings and have a chance to live by them. If people were previously unaware of such life issues, hopefully they gained new ways of thinking. It’s good to embrace different ideas and opinions because that causes you to create your own. Even if you do not agree, the world does not revolve around you anyway, and people need a balance of outlooks. It speaks to the students’ freedom of expression as a way to get involved in something one believes in and to find others who have the same views without getting put down for it. People learn to accept.

Looking back on L.I.F.E., everything made you think about what you stand for and what you don’t. It gave you the opportunity to create new ideas based on yourself because you are finally away from your parents or your home. It was a time to look at your character and see where you wanted to grow.”