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Finding a Home at USD

Feeling at home in a new place is always a little scary. Luckily, we've compiled a list of easy ways to make your transition seem a little less daunting. But the first step is up to you!


Mission Crossroads/Residential Common Areas


The best way to make USD feel at home seems counter intuitive but it's really easy- don't lock yourself up in your room! Instead, visit residential common areas like Mission Crossroads or any of the lounges located in each of the residential halls. You're sure to meet someone just like you!

Founder's Chapel


Looking to find a spiritual home at USD? The Founder's Chapel community is a diverse and inclusive place for students of all walks and religious beliefs to find spiritual guidance on campus.



Need a place to study with friends but to get away from the distractions of your room? Want a great cup of coffee or tea and a late night snack? Or maybe just a place to relax and catch a live performance of poetry or music? Aroma's is the place for you! Located across from the Immaculata Church, Aroma's is the premier late-night study spot and venue on campus, as well as a great place to meet new people!

Frank's Lounge

Frank's Lounge is located between the Student Life Pavilion and the Hahn University Center and offers a host of gaming systems, large screens for movie viewings and sports events, pool tables, and foos ball for Toreros who just need a place to unwind and have fun!

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"Finding a home at USD is all about finding what you are passionate about. Be open and find things that are interesting to get involved with." Joel Brodfuehrer,
Residence Hall Association Chair