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Did You Know... USD Traditions

Even though USD is a relatively young campus, we already have our fair share of legends from past generations of Toreros. Some of these range from fun to downright strange. Check out four of the most popular traditions and trivia tidbits below!


Echo Spot

If you stand on this particular spot on campus, you can hear a bit of... yourself?! This spot has so perplexed curious students that it has become the subject of many physics projects over the years to find out why this spot echos! Check out these Toreros demonstrating the echo spot over the summer! Echo!

Maher Seal

Don't step on the seal! One of USD's longest traditions, the Maher Seal located on the ground level of Maher Hall is rumored to have begun back before the merger of the men and women's colleges in the early 1970's. Whether it's out of superstition or respect, students simply walk around the seal!

Bishop Buddy's Shoes

buddyLike the midnight scream (when students scream at midnight before finals) and swimming in the fountains, no one really knows how this tradition started. But one thing is for sure, superstitious students who are nervous about their grades rub the statue of USD founder Bishop Buddy's shoes for good luck. Legend also has it that the shoes on the statue are also a pair of Nike's tennis shoes! Whether or not it worked, we may never know.

Maher's Leaning Tree

mahertreeMother nature is a peculiar force. That much is clear one you see Maher Hall's famed "Leaning Tree". Plant biologists and environmental science students have all given theories on why the lean of this tree is particularly dramatic but so far, no one has convinced the USD community exactly why it is only this particular tree that does this. What do you think?

Update: In January 2014, the tree was removed due to safety concerns. If you have any stories about the tree, click here!