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Associated Students' 40th Anniversary

With the Associated Students' 40th Anniversary celebration on the horizon, it's important to remember where it's origins.

The University of San Diego began as two colleges, the College for Men and the College for Women. In 1968, two student governments existed on the Alcala Park campus; one in each college. As the desire to increase the collaboration between the two student governments intensified, joint ASB sessions were arranged by then presidents Eric Johnson (College for Men) and Terry Graves (College for Women). In 1969, students voted on an experimental merger between the two student governments. The measure was passed with 85% of the vote in favor of the transition. While the framework of the main AS body was set, student leaders in the College for Women worried that the new merger would "minimize the participation of women". So, they introduced a senatorial system to the new constitution. Upon endorsement by the Board of Trustees for the College for Women and the President for the College for Men, the final constitution was voted upon and ratified in the spring of 1970, effectively marking the 1971-72 academic year the inception of the new Associated Student Body.

It is only fitting that 40 years later, we honor and celebrate the history and achievements of Associated Students. While the current structure is markedly different from the original AS, the aspiration to serve the student body's interests has remained undeniably true.

For more information and to RSVP for the AS 40th Anniversary Celebration, click here.

Pre-Merger ASB
Post-Merger ASB

Students hanging an election poster in 1969